InSight #Biopharmaceuticals Buys #Cancer #Treatment Company CureTech

As part of the deal, InSight commits to help develop CureTech’s lead product, which is currently in advanced #clinical trials Lilach Baumer17:4228.03.18 Pharmaceutical company InSight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. has signed a deal to acquire cancer treatment company CureTech Ltd. The announcement was made Wednesday by Clal Biotechnology Industries, which holds 53% of CureTech’s shares. As part […]

#Medical #devices sector shows signs of recovery

  MIXiii-#BIOMED 2018 #Conference chair Ruti Alon: The pendulum has to move back to medical devices, after a decade in which the sector was starved of financing. For almost a decade, companies in the medical devices sector have lacked financing. Is this era about to end? A report published this month by rating agency Moody’s […]

Cabinet approves NIS 922m for digital health project

The ambitious plan is designed to make Israel a digital health power and improve the health of its residents, and of the entire world. Israel’s cabinet today approved a NIS 922 million budget for a national digital health project. The plan includes a number of elements, the combination of which is designed to make Israel […]

Call for companies to present their activities in MIXiii-BIOMED 2018 (Hebrew)

קול קורא לחברות להציג את פעילותן במסגרת MIXiii-BIOMED 2018 BY MENACHEM MAROM  | מרץ 19, 2018 באירוע המוביל של תעשיית מדעי החיים בישראל, תינתן לחברות בתחום הזדמנות להציג את פעילותן לעיניי בכירי התעשייה מהעולם ומישראל. הגשת תקצירים באתר MIXiii-BIOMED תתאפשר עד ליום 9 באפריל,2018 MIXiii-BIOMED – 15 – 17 במאי, 2018, במלון דיוויד אינטרקונטיננטל, תל אביב מארגני MIXiii […]

Israel’s Vision For The Future: Investors Open Eyes To Ophthalmology

21 Mar 2018 | ANALYSIS Catherine Longworth, Medtech Insight reporter As the global population ages, the demand for #ophthalmicDevices is expected to rise significantly. #Medtech Insight meets with some of Israel’s industry leaders who are developing cutting edge technologies to address the ever growing ophthalmic market.   When serial entrepreneur Barak Azmon started his first #ophthalmic technology company […]


MIXiii-BIOMED 2018 – CALL FOR COMPANY PRESENTATIONS MIXiii-Biomed 2018 Preliminary Conference Program is online. As the leading event of Israel’s life sciences industry, MIXiii-BIOMED is once again providing a unique program, of high standards, co-organized by leading Israeli and international healthcare institutions. Join us for 3 days of lectures and panel discussions with top experts in […]

After a decade of drought: Are investments going back to medical devices?

אחרי עשור של יובש: האם ההשקעות חוזרות למכשור הרפואי? חברת הדירוג מודי’ס מעריכה כי תחום המכשור הרפואי יצמח ב-4%-5% בשנה וחצי הבאות, אבל בתעשייה המקומית עדיין חשדנים ■ רות אלון ואורה דר, שתיים מעורכות כנס הביומד השנתי, מזהירות שהשוק הישראלי עלול לאבד את היתרון שלו בתחום עד שיגיע הכסף 20/03/2018, 10:55 גלי וינרב במשך כמעט עשור […]

Israeli Medtech Industry and Glaucoma Week

Device Week, March 13, 2018 | Source: Medtech Insight Pharma Intelligence.   Israeli Medtech Industry, Glaucoma Week, February VC Deals Update On this week’s Device Week podcast, we discuss the medtech scene in Israel, the state of the glaucoma-therapy field, and the latest venture capital investments in medtech. Medtech Insight reporter, Catherine Longworth, in an interview about MIXiii-Biomed 2018: […]

MIXiii-Biomed 2018 Meet The Speakers & Register Now

THE WORLD IS WAITING – WHAT IS NEXT? That’s easy to answer. It is Biomed season and MIXiii-Biomed 2018 is stepping up to the podium. Plenary Lectures, Keynote Speakers and Panel Discussions – our impressive list of distinguished, local and international, expert speakers are ready to take to the stage and share the latest in news […]

Google looks to take healthcare into the Cloud

Google (NSDQ:GOOG) is taking its Cloud services into the field of healthcare as it aims to enable data sharing and collaboration between providers and patients, according to a recent blog post from the tech giant. The company said it recently launched the Cloud Healthcare API service to address interoperability issues in healthcare data. The system includes […]