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What Is The Difference Between Shell Scheme And Space Only?

A Shell refers to the frame separating your booth from those around it.  Space does not require physical divisions.

What Is Included In The Shell Scheme?

Shell scheme includes a white shell scheme frame and fascia panel built by the Exhibition Department:

2 plastic chairs, 1 desk, one spotlight per 3m² excluding electricity and main connection, One 2-kilowatt electrical socket for the first 10 sq.m.1-kilowatt for any additional 10 sq.m.carpeting.  No other amenities such as water, internet, etc… are provided; however, these services may be purchased separately.

What Is Included In The Space ?

This differs from space only where your company is responsible for building and designing your booth. Amenities such as electricity, water etc… are included.

May Material Be Hung On The Walls Inside Our Booth?

Yes, however a special double sided tape provided by the stand builder in order to preserve the panels must be used.  Please approach our on-site staff who provide this tape.

How May I Order Furniture And Electricity For Our Booth?

Furniture may be ordered directly from the stand builder find additional details in our exhibition manual.

Are Cleaning Services Included In The Exhibition Package?

The organizers pride themselves for Exhibitions which offer not only excellent flow potential but also are aesthetically pleasing.  The public areas and gangways are cleaned regularly.

May I Bring A Pop-Up Booth?


May I Offer “Give Aways” At My Booth?


What May I Put In My Booth? (Furniture, Signage, Lcd Screen, Etc.)

You may bring your own or rented furniture.  Information for rental items is available in the Exhibition Technical Manual. This manual is circulated 3 months prior to the conference.

May I Bring Drinks To Distribute At My Booth?

All drinks (soft and alcoholic) must be arranged with the hotel’s banqueting manager. Please contact the David InterContinental directly.

Is There An Exhibition Timetable? What Are The Move In And Dismantling Dates?

Set-up and dismantling information is available in the Exhibition Technical Booklet and the timetable is available on our Website.

Is On Site Storage – Available ?

Unfortunatly, on site storage is unavailable.

Exhibitor Badges To Enter Sessions

Exhibitor badges may be used to enter the exhibition area only. In order to attend conference sessions, registration for the conferences must be purchased.

Are Individual Names Included On Exhibitor Badges?

The exhibitor badge displays the exhibiting company name and individual name.

May I Receive The List Of Participants?

Due to privacy reasons, participant information may not be disclosed.

Who Are The Contractors And May I Obtain Their Contact Details?

The contractor information is available in the exhibitor’s technical manual. The manual is circulated 3 months prior to the conference.

Are Lead Retrieval Wireless Bar Code Readers Available?


What Is The  Registration Deadline?

Exhibitors should register 45 days prior to the exhibition, to assure the inclusion of the company 100-word-profile in the Exhibition Catalog. Should you wish to register after this time, we will do our best to accommodate.