Mixiii Biomed is hosting the ‘Bio-medical Startup of the Year’ Competition

Mixiii Biomed 2017 Conference (Kenes Exhibition’s event) – the largest event of Israel’s life science industry opened its doors on 23 May. Alongside the impressive exhibition and comprehensive conference, Mixiii Biomed is hosting the contest ‘Bio-medical Startup of the Year’ Competition with the support of Israel Innovation Authority in the field of bio (medical devices, pharmaceutical and digital health).

From more than 100 applicants, 45 leading biomed startups have been selected to present their developments at a pavilion sponsored by the Authority. The 45 Start-up companies are located in a special area in the center of the exhibition and will present the most advanced Israeli medical innovations. From among these, 10 companies been selected to take part in the Competition and will present their products.  A panel  of judges from the Authority (including Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israeli Innovation Authority, Dr. Talia Ben-Neria, Head of the Life Sciences Department at the Authority, Zachi Schnarch, Deputy CEO of Technology and the Director of the Technological Array at the Israel Innovation Authority, and Dr. Irit Yaniv from the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), will decide the 3 winning companies.  Mr. Aharon will announce the winners and hand the certificates to the winner in each of the three categories: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Digital Healthcare.

“Innovation Authority’s goal is to develop the Israeli areas of health,” says Aharon Aharon. “The Authority would keep stimulating the companies to excel.” “The Israel Innovation Authority is responsible for Israel’s innovation policy. We foster and develop innovation throughout the country, and support leading areas of innovation such as the biomedical industry. For us, supporting the MIXii Biomed Expo, the largest event of the Israeli Life Sciences Industry and among the leading in the world, is one of the tools to realize this vision. By joining such leading international events, the Authority supports the Israeli ecosystem and helps it flourish. That’s also the case with our MIXii Biomed Startup Competition which will help startups gain exposure amongst the industry.”

The 10 selected companies that  presented their products on the first day of the competition include: Alpha Tau Medical (“Using Alpha Radiation to Treat Solid Tumors”),  Amorphical,  BrianMARC,  Betalin,  DayTwo, E-Shunt, Nutrino Health (“Helping Diabetics Change Their Nutrition through Digital Follow-up”), Sebana Medical (“Developing Medication that Helps Stabilize the Results of Fat Implants”), Vaxil Biotherapeutics and VOTIS Prognostic Imaging Technologies.

The 3 winners of the Competition will be announced tomorrow at 9 a.m. at Biomed Conference and Exhibition and later on the social media of the events.

The 16th MIXii Biomed Expo is organized with the participation of the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist), the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), an umbrella organization of the life sciences and hi-tech industry and Kenes Exhibitions, a company specializing in organizing conferences.

Meet the winners of the ‘Startup Biomed competition’.  This fabulous event provides not only a chance to propel your business forward, but also the opportunity to meet your future sponsors and to jump start a new carrier.

Congratulations to the following winners of our BIOMED 2017 competition:

Pharma – Betalin Therapeutics – Presenter – Jacob BenArie

Digital Health – Nutrino Health – Presenter – Orr Mandelbaum

Medical Device – E-Shunt – Presenter – Gilad Litvin

We look forward to seeing on the next event.

Read more: https://israelnewsonline.org/israel-innovation-authority-to-host-1st-ever-bio-med-startup-of-the-year-competition/#.WSU6MpKGPIU


כנס ביומד – 2017 MIXiii Biomed התחלנו!
היום נפתח האירוע הגדול של תעשיית מדעי החיים בישראל. לצד התערוכה המרשימה, תקיים רשות החדשנות את תחרות “סטארט-אפ השנה” בתחום הביו (מכשור רפואי, פארמה ובריאות דיגיטלית). מתוך 45 סטרטאפים שלוקחים חלק במתחם מיוחד שיוקם במרכז התערוכה ויציג את חברות החדשנות הרפואית הישראלית המתקדמות ביותר, עלו לגמר 10 חברות שיציגו את פיתוחיהן ולבסוף שלוש מהן יזכו בתואר.
“רשות החדשנות שמה לעצמה למטרה לפתח את האקוסטיסטם הישראלי בתחומי הבריאות”, אומר אהרון אהרון, מנכ”ל הרשות. “תחרות הסטארטאפים שתקיים הרשות לראשונה ממריצה את החברות להצטיין ומסמנת את העתיד של ישראל בתחום.”

עקבו אחרינו לעדכונים נוספים מהכנס ובהצלחה לחברות המתחרות!