Start-Up Area and Competition MIXiii Biomed 2017

Special offer for early stage biomed start-ups

Start-Up Area and Competition MIXiii Biomed 2017

MIXIII Biomed 2017 Conference&Exhibition

Dear Colleagues

As in every year, the leading event of Israel’s life science industry, MIXiii Biomed 2017 will hold a Start-Up Area and Competition.

Strategically located at the heart of the exhibition, the start-up area offers maximum exposure and business development opportunities for innovative start-up companies.

On each day of this 3 days event, 15 different startups will exhibit at the start-up hall which will coincide with the conference fields of the track of that day.

Out of the 45 exhibiting companies, 10 will be selected to give an oral presentation as part of the event’s conference and a chance to win the Start-up area Competition.

MIXIII Biomed 2017 Conference tracks are as follows:

 The impact of aging on population health and world economy

 Longevity: Genetics and epigenetics

 Precision diagnostics and medicine

 Regenerative and cell therapy

 Robotics and aging

 Age-related diseases: Cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, CHF, hypertension

 Health IT, digital health and cybersecurity

 Continuum of care for the elderly patient

 From academia to industry as related to aging and age-related issues

For more information and application submission:

For details, please contact, Mr. Oren Regev: 

E-mail:                       Tel: +972 74 7457480