Preliminary Program

14 May 2019

Co-chairs: Yael Weiss, MD, PhD, Vice President Business Development, Ultragenyx; Stephen Squinto, PhD, Venture Partner of OrbiMed Advisors, L.L.C

Co-chairs: Allen Kamer, Managing Partner, OurCrowd Qure; Anat Naschitz, Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors

Co-chairs: Irit Yaniv, MD, General Partner, Accelmed; Ron Ginor, MD, Venture Partner, OrbiMed Advisors, L.L.C

15 May 2019

Chair: Naomi Gefen, Deputy Director General, ALYN Hospital

Co-chairs: Prof. Yael Hanein, PhD, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University; Yaron Daniely, PhD, CEO, Yissum

Co-chairs: Aya Jakobovits, PhD, Founder, Director, Adicet Bio; Erez Chimovits, Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors

16 May 2019

Chair: Prof. David Sidransky, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Co-Founder and General Partner, Israel Biotech Fund

Co-chairs: Yair Schindel, MD, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, aMoon Fund; Prof. Varda Shalev, MD, MPA, Managing Director, Morris Kahn & Maccabi Research and Innovation Institute at Maccabi Health Care Services

Co-chairs: Prof. Simon Benita, PhD, Head of Nano Delivery Systems, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ayelet Torem, Adv, Partner, Hi-Tech & Venture Capital and Head of Global Markets, Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co