Cutting Edge Medical Device Technologies: Metabolic, Ophthalmology

/Cutting Edge Medical Device Technologies: Metabolic, Ophthalmology

Cutting Edge Medical Device Technologies: Metabolic, Ophthalmology

Metabolic Chairs: Irit Yaniv, MD, General Partner, Accelmed and Prof. Moshe Phillip, Director of the Institute for Endocrinology and Diabetes, Israel National Center for Childhood Diabetes

Ophthalmology Chair: Barak Azmon, MD, Ophthalmic Entrepreneur

Metabolic Session (Presentations + Q&A by Co-chairs)

12:00-12:17 Yuval Avni, CEO, Beta O2: “Bio Artificial Pancreas”

12:17-12:34 Boaz Behar, CEO, Digma Medical: “Restoring Glycemic Control – Type 2 Diabetes”

12:34-12:51 Eran Atlas, CEO, DreaMed Diabetes: “Ask your Advisor; decision-support technology for patient-specific insulin treatment plans”

12:51-13:08 Dan Hashimshony, PhD, Medical Device Entrepreneur, CEO, Epitomee: “A Self-Administered, Drug-Free Shapeshifting pH Sensitive Super Absorbent Scaffold That Promotes Weight Loss By Balancing Food Consumption”

13:08-13:25 Boaz Brill, CEO, GluSense: “GluSense GlydeTM CGM – a Long-term Implantable Glucose Sensor”

13:25-13:42 Yael Glassman, CEO, Nutrino Health: “How Personalized Nutrition & FoodPrint™ Contributes to Diabetes Care”

13:42-13:59 Christopher R. Shepard, GM/Chief Executive, SmartZyme BioPharma: “Better Continuous Glucose Monitors with a Next-Generation Glucose-Sensing Enzyme”

14:00-15:30 Lunch Break

Ophthalmology Session (Presentation + Q&A by co-chairs & panelists)
Prof. Anat Loewenstein MD, MHA, Head, Ophthalmology Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center
Prof. Ehud Assia, MD, Head, Ophthalmology Division, Meir Medical Center
Elo Kent, Head, Global Innovation , Santen
Barak Azmon, MD, Ophthalmic Entrepreneur

15:30-15:47 Ram Ben-Yehuda, Senior VP Operations, Orcam Technologies: “OrCam – Sophisticated Technology for the Low Vision and Blind”

15:47-16:04 Aryeh Batt, Co-Founder & CEO, Precise Bio: “Bio-manufacturing – Printing the Eye“

16:04-16:21 Nahum Ferera, CEO & Co-Founder, EyeYon Medical“EyeYon Medical – Innovative Solutions for Corneal Healing”

16:21-16:38 Yaakov Milstain, CEO, Nano-Retina: “Artificial Retina”

16:38-16:55 Shahaf Zommer, Project Manager, BeyeOnics-Elbit “Placing the Surgeon in the Center – A Novel 3D Visualization Platform for Eye Surgery Providing Transparent Display, Data Overlay and Guidance”

16:55-17:12 Marc Abitbol, CEO, Visionix, “Visionix: From the Incubator to  a Global Market Leader”

17:12-17:29 Udi Gordon, CEO, CameraEyes: “The Next Generation of Fundus Cameras”


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