Israel to help Indian IT companies become GDPR compliant

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2-day cyber security meet in city starts tomorrow. Israel-Hyderabad to collaborate on cyber security front

Israeli experts in the field of cyber security will partner with information technology companies in the city to help update them on global regulations, threats and solutions. A two-day cyber security conference expected to commence on December 14 will bring together security experts, industry majors and government agencies.

A major area of concern will be Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law enacted by the European Union to provide data security to its citizens. GDPR treats each citizen’s right over personal data as a fundamental right. Meaning, companies which bank big data will have to share or delete information collected from citizens at the latter’s bidding.

Security protocol

“Companies which are not GDPR compliant will not be allowed to trade either in goods or services with companies in the European Union. Because the deadline for compliance is May 2018, each company which connects to the EU companies even through a third party will have to comply by GDPR. That will be a huge task for countries like India which is into the services sector,” said Eli Zilberman Caspi, partner of Konfidas-Israel, who is attending the conference.

“Cyber security is critical to defending the sovereignty of nations across the globe and in countries such as India that are in the forefront of digitalization of currency transactions the issue assumes even greater significance,” explained Prema.L. Zilberman at a media conference here on Tuesday.

Many topics

During the event, experts from Symantex, Verizon, Qualcomm, Rafael Defence Systems, Checkpoint, Quick heal and will hold consultations with Defence Research and Development Laboratory, State Bank of India, Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad and Telangana’s administrative officers. Kenes Exhibitions will host this conference. Conference will discuss on eight key topics — defending democracy, protecting critical infrastructure, demonetisation-cyber crime and fraud, stopping ransom and dark net, privacy and GDPR and incident response.

At the event students of international schools including Oakridge, Pioneer, DPS, Samisti and both the CBSE and international wings of Chirec will be given accreditation from United State’s National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Defence. “The students were short-listed from 24 schools which participated in the cyber security solution event which we organised,” said Zaki Quershey, founder and chairman of E2labs. E2Labs based out of Hyderabad has been working in the area of cyber security.

  • Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance to be discussed threadbare at International Cyber Security Conference 2017
  • 50 International Industry Leaders to deliberate at the 2-day event
  • Experts from Symantec, Verizon, Qualcomm, Rafael Defense Systems, DRDL, Checkpoint, SBI, IIT, Quick Heal, to take part
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Digital Economy, Cyber Defence Capacity Building and Incident Response to be the focal points

Hyderabad, December 12, 2017: Israel companies are ready to collaborate with the Indian Information technology sector to enable them to be Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant well before the regulation takes effect on May 25 2018. The IT sector needs to put in huge efforts to be GDPR ready and Israel companies have the tools and technologies to assist in the process, said Eli Zilberman, partner of Konfidas said.

Speaking to the media on the eve of Cyber Security Conference 2017, the second edition of the annual global meet to be held in Hyderabad from December 14, 2017, Mr Zilberman elaborated that GDPR compliance, protecting Critical Infrastructure and Digital Economy, Cyber Defence, Capacity Building and Incident Response would be the focus areas of discussion at the two day conference. About 50 international industry leaders and top IT players like Verizon, Qualcomm, Rafael Defense Systems, DRDL, Checkpoint, SBI, IIT and Quick Heal would participate in the deliberations.

The Cyber Security Conference 2017 is a two-day interface between domain experts, professionals and the public to brainstorm on the most challenging issue of today’s world, said Ms Prema ZilbermanGeneral Manager of Kenes Exhibitions, organisers of the global event. The two-day conference will commence on December 14, 2017 at HICC Novotel.

The Cyber Security Conference is being held with the support of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology – Government of India, Government of Telangana, Consulate

General of Israel- Bengaluru, T- Hub Cyber Society of India, ISACA, Computer Society of India, TECCI, Mile 2, APSA and CIO Review

“In today’s world, cyber security is critical to defending the sovereignty of nations across the globe and in countries such as India that are in the forefront of digitalization of currency transactions the issue assumes even greater significance.

School Children to Present Papers: As a step to address the next generation of Cyber Warriors “High School Students Challenge” was conducted in Hyderabad and seven teams from different schools will present their work in front of a panel of industry experts, said Zaki Qureshy, Founder, E2 Labs.

Experts who will participate in the panel discussions at the seminar include:

Dr. Shai Moses, Consul for Trade & Economic Affairs, Consulate of Israel, Bengaluru

Alok Gupta, Founder CEO, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensics

Danny Noy, Senior Director and PM for CERT projects at Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd, Israel

Jiten Jain CEO, Indian InfoSec Consortium

Ram Levi CEO, Konfidas Israel

Eli Zilberman Caspi, Partner, Konfidas, Israel

Prashant Mali, President, Cyber Law Consulting, India

Dr. Sandeep K. Shukla, Head, Department of CS & Engineering, IIT, Kanpur

Dr. Hans Henseler, Co-Founder and CEO Track Inspector Netherlands

Balaji Venkateshwar , Director,ISRM

Prashant Gupta , Managing Solution Partner,Verizon

Deepak Maheshwari, Director – Govt Affairs- India & ASEAN Region, Symantec

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