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About the Cyber Security Conference

Hyderabad is recognized as one of the global centers of information technology, making it an ideal venue for hosting the cyber security community within the frame of the Cyber Security Conference.

India’s leading two-day Cyber Security Conference, will take place HICC at Novotel, Hyderabad on December 14-15, 2017.

Among the respected speakers in the conference will be representatives from the IT Ministry, Council of Information Security, Indian Institute of Technology, Cyber Security & Forensics, Cyber Law Consultants and more, including guest speakers from leading Israeli companies.

The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and information and to tackle and solve some of the most pressing issues faced on a daily basis i.e. cyber-crime and how to keep within the boundaries of cyber security.

Program topics have been pinpointed at the top critical issues and challenges for IT security experts and will include:

  • Defending Democracy
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure
  • Demonetization – Cyber Crime & Fraud
  • Stopping Ransom
  • Dark Net
  • Privacy & GDPR
  • Cyber Defence Capacity Building
  • Incident Response – Lessons learned.

In addition, this conference will transcend borders by bringing together two strong leaders in cyber security, such as Israel and India, providing them with the ideal platform to collaborate.

The detailed program of Cyber Security Conference for 2017 is online on the website now.