CSI Special Interest Group on Internet of Things

Wednesday 19th December 2018 – Hyderabad

About the Event
With the Government of India’s interest, Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart technology industry becoming increasingly prevalent, our Internet of Things Award Ceremony showcases how IoT can assist in driving productivity and create long term cost savings.

The advancement of Smart Cities in the India is just one aspect of how smart technology can be harnessed to streamline services. Hear about the ample opportunities for both the public and private sector to explore the use of applications in smart buildings and transportation as well as the possibilities of improving safety, effectiveness and efficiency of services.

Different Innovative ideas in IIA-2018 enables you to make advances in establishing your IoT capability and investment justification whilst helping you overcome challenges regarding security, trust and data interoperability. Key topics covered include:

Innovative IoT ideas and projects 
Help to Create a coherent IoT strategy for your organization
Understanding how smart technology is evaluated
Securing networks and protecting data
Driving change through developing technology capabilities

Attend this timely event to ensure you can fully exploit IoT technology and create efficiencies whilst improving the quality of your services.

Benefits of Attending
Train staff to better understand the mechanics of the internet of things and have vision for what it can achieve in your organisation
Gain insight into building a digital infrastructure to support IoT in India
Prepare your organisation for the integration of smart systems
Create a business model to demonstrate the effectiveness of IoT in streamlining your services
Learn how smart technology interventions are evaluated and use evidence to support your business transformation strategy
Make sure you are at the forefront of your sector in using IoT technology for better results
Identify potential barriers to implementing IoT in you organisation and explore smart solutions
Understand the role of Smart Cities in discussions surrounding the viability of IoT
Who Should Attend
Representatives from Central and Local Government, Housing, Health and Social Care, Energy, Agriculture, Transport, Technology and the Private Sector including Chief Executives and Senior Management Teams
CFOs and Finance Directors
Chief Security Officers
Transformation and Business Change Teams
Innovation Teams
Digital Strategy Teams
Digital Economy Teams
Data Handling teams
Head of IT and IT Directors
System Analysts
Integration and Interoperability Teams
Business Improvement Teams
Customer Service Teams
Private Sector Technology Solutions and Service Providers
Health care Services
Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities
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