7 disruptive innovations from medical device suppliers

Medical device innovation doesn’t just come from small, single-product startups – contract manufacturers are increasingly a part of developing truly disruptive medtech.  Chris Newmarker, Managing Editor People sometimes make the mistake of viewing innovation as the product of a few geniuses and mavericks. But in fact, it is often the result of teamwork, as the writer […]

Genetically engineered T-cells treat leukemia in babies

Genetically engineered T-cells treat leukemia in babies February 16, 2017 By Danielle Kirsh Researchers in London have successfully treated leukemia in two babies, in what they are touting as the world’s first treatment of cancer using genetically engineered immune cells from donors.Doctors treated two British infants, 11 and 16 months old, using Cellectis’s CAR T-cell […]

MindUP incubator takes in first startup

Hemonitor measures blood flow in the main artery of intensive care patients. The MindUP technology incubator, a partnership between Pitango Venture Capital, the Rambam Health Care Campus, medical device company Medtronic, IBM, and the Impact First investment fund, has accepted its first company – Hemonitor.Hemonitor measures blood flow in the main artery of patients arriving […]

Intensix Data Analytics Demo High Accuracy In ICU Sepsis Detection

Catherine Longworth@MedtechCate catherine.longworth@informa.com Executive Summary An analytics platform developed by Israeli big data company Intensix has shown high accuracy for detecting and predicting sepsis in critical care. The positive results were presented at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) healthcare IT conference in Orlando, Florida. A new study has shown that an analytics […]

BrainStorm seeks early approval for stem cell treatment in Canada

Israel’s BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics is seeking early approval in Canada for its adult stem cell treatment for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neuro-degenerative disease, even before it completes late-stage clinical trials. BrainStorm said on Tuesday that it had signed an agreement with CCRM, a Canadian not-for-profit organization that supports development of regenerative medicine, […]

Why US corporate giants like Intel need fresh Israeli tech

Mammoth American multinationals depend on ingenuity from small Israeli startups to drive their businesses forward.   By Abigail Klein Leichman FEBRUARY 20, 2017, 10:20 AM To understand the strong and rising impact of Israeli startups on the US tech scene, consider this month’s Super Bowl LI. Intel and FOX Sports unveiled a 360-degree “Be the […]

VBL posts additional data from phase 2 thyroid cancer trial

by Nick Paul Taylor | Feb 21, 2017 9:45am VBL Therapeutics has presented more data from a phase 2 trial of VB-111 monotherapy in thyroid cancer patients. The release adds evidence of dose response to support the previously reported difference in progression-free survival between the low- and high-dose cohorts. Tel Aviv, Israel-based VBL presented top-line […]

Day Two link with Johnson & Johnson on personalised microbiome analysis for diabetes nutrition

By Eliot Beer, 15-Feb-2017 Gut microbiome analysis firm DaylWo will collaborate with Johnson & Johnson on personalised clinical nutrition for diabetes, and plans to open up its nutrition recommendation platform to new partners. DayTwo, based in Israel, currently offers a personalised nutrition recommendation product, based on a user’s medical history and gut microbiome analysis. Users […]