Shenzhen International Biotech & Health Industry Investment Fair was held in Israel to deepen cooperation between China and Israel on biomedicine.

On May 23, the 2017 Shenzhen International Biotech & Health Industry Investment Fair took place at David InterContinental Tel Aviv in Israel under the coordination of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shenzhen Branch. At the event, which marked yet another milestone in China-Israel cooperation on biomedicine, CCPIT Shenzhen signed a MOU with the IATI. Representatives from governmental agencies, industry associations, and businesses of China and Israel were present at the event, including Huang Shifang, Deputy Director of CCPIT Shenzhen, Liu Feng; Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Shenzhen’s Dapeng New District; Xia Lei, Director of Pingshan District Sci-tech Innovation Service Commission Shenzhen; Karin Mayer Rubinstein, CEO of the IATI , and Arie Zief, Vice President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

Huang Shifang focused on recommending Shenzhen International Biotech Summit and Shenzhen International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2017. Liu Feng provided an introduction to the Baguang International Biovalley in Dapeng New District of Shenzhen. Shenzhen places a lot of emphasis on developing the bioindustry and life health. Israel has leading global technological innovations in healthcare. In recent years, Shenzhen has taken faster steps to establish ties with Israel for healthcare cooperation. The fair, on the back of previous efforts, pushed such cooperation to a higher level.

Arie Zief expressed his thanks towards the visit of the CCPIT Shenzhen delegation, commenting that the China and Israel have achieved outstanding successes in trade and cultural communications and cooperation over the past fifty years, starting since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. The recent few years have witnessed a rapid growth and remarkable achievements in biotechnology and other innovative fields among Chinese and Israeli enterprises. Start-ups in Israel are looking for the most potential global partners, while Shenzhen is a world-renowned city of advanced economic development and leading industries, where Israel enterprises can find their best business partners. The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce is willing to deepen cooperation with CCPIT Shenzhen in order to actively facilitate the communication and partnerships between Chinese and Israeli enterprises.

As agreed, the two sides will draw on their resources and strengths to create a new landscape that helps the two countries develop the bioindustry in tandem, furthers exchanges between biotech firms from the two countries, and intensifies cooperation on the bioindustry, trade, and exhibitions. CCPIT Shenzhen will form a delegation of governmental agencies and businesses to attend the Israeli International Biomedicine and Medical Equipment Summit and Exhibition (BIOMED), which is to be held on May 23-25, 2017.  It will recommend BIOMED to its members in China via a diversity of channels and arrange for them to participate in BIOMED. IATI will promote Shenzhen International Biotech Summit and International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2017 in the media campaign of BIOMED. During Shenzhen International Biotech Summit and International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2017, IATI will organize a high-level delegation and a corporate delegation to visit Shenzhen and find out about projects. The two sides will take opportunities provided by exhibitions to set up a mechanism for long-term cooperation and regular mutual visits. Details are to be hammered out through consultations.

Huang Shifang introduced Shenzhen International Biotech Summit and International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2017, saying that it would take place in Hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on September 21-23 this year, providing 15 thousand square meters for exhibition. Shenzhen International Biotech Summit and International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2017 will continue to uphold the banner of developing green economy and creating a better life. It will be an international and professional market-oriented event that sticks to the strategy of the big health industry. There will be various sections dedicated to all parts of the industry chain, covering biology, R&D for life health, production, and applications. All this will facilitate open exchanges and in-depth integration between countries along the Belt and Road routes, setting up an advanced and inclusive platform that injects vitality to sci-tech research and industrial applications in the field of life health.

In his introduction to the Baguang International Biovalley in Dapeng New District of Shenzhen, Liu Feng impressed the audience with specifics. Baguang, situated in Kuichong Subdistrict of Dapeng New District, is blessed with extremely favorable natural conditions. As per the Overall Strategy for Developing an International Biovalley in Shenzhen, Baguang is the core hosting zone for gathering resources for biotech innovations, a pioneering zone for developing a high-end bioindusty,  a pilot zone for innovative healthcare management, and a demonstration zone for green, low-carbon, circular growth. Up to now, the Baguang International Biovalley has set up the Shenzhen National Gene Bank (the world’s largest comprehensive gene bank), a life sciences park, and a marine park, complete with multiple platforms. Besides, it provides incentives regarding business and human resources.

At the investment fair, the two sides had a close conversation to explore innovations in life sciences and look to the future amid the latest trends of biomedicine and medical equipment across the world. Shenzhen has attached great importance to the development of the biotech and health industry. The municipal government has organized International Biotech & Health Industry Expo five times in a row and Shenzhen International Biotech Summit three times in a row, luring experts and scholars from the world over as well as representatives from renowned Chinese firms and research institutes. This has helped pool premium resources along the whole industry chain and enhanced China’s exchanges with the rest of the world on biotechnology. The event provides a professional platform that advances the development of the bioindustry and life health in Shenzhen and, for that matter, the whole country, expedites the implementation of the innovation-driving-growth strategy, speeds up Shenzhen’s industrial restructuring and transformation, and propels changes to the economic growth model. It will surely contribute more to cooperation and exchanges that underpin the industry’s development.

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