Great opportunities don’t come every day! Recognize and seize them at MIXiii-Biomed 2018
Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the 9 main tracks of MIXiii-Biomed 2018 Conference.
 Digital Health, IoT, and Big Data – New Armamentarium in Medicine
 Next Generation Oncology Treatments
 Brain Health
 Personalized Diagnostics and Treatment
 Gene Editing and Therapies
 Nanomedicine and its Role in New Medical Therapeutics
 From Academia Research to Industry
 Pathways and Technologies Enabling Shorter Time to Regulatory Approvals
 Cannabis’ Therapeutic Promise: Real or Fake?
This year’s conference is co-organized by leading Israeli and international healthcare institutions with the objective of exposing participants to thought leaders and experts and allow local and global attendees to mix and exchange knowledge and ideas.
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Welcome Letter from MIXiii-Biomed 2018 Co-Chairpersons.  
The exhibition will showcase state-of-the-art exhibits from medical device, biotechnology and pharma companies. Make sure to book a space now and secure a prime location in Biomed exhibition area.
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