Faster, More Accurate Cancer Detection Using Nanoparticles, Rutgers-Led Study Finds

Light-emitting nanoprobes can detect cancer early and track the spread of tiny tumors By Todd B. Bates | December 11, 2017 Using light-emitting nanoparticles, Rutgers University-New Brunswick scientists have invented a highly effective method to detect tiny tumors and track their spread, potentially leading to earlier cancer detection and more precise treatment. The technology could improve patient […]

Jewish New Year fruit may hold seeds of hope for brain disease sufferers

 Israeli neurologist, nanotech expert make pomegranate oil capsules that send antioxidants where they can have the most effect By SHOSHANNA SOLOMON | 18 September 2017 As Jewish families across the world reach for the pomegranate that they customarily eat on Rosh Hashanah, they may not realize that the fruit, with its juicy red seeds and crown-like crest, […]

BiomX Acquires RondinX to Boost Microbiome Discovery and Development Capabilities

Acquisition expands BiomX’s pipeline with novel microbial targets for treating liver diseases. In parallel, 8VC, an angel investor in RondinX, to invest in BiomX  NEWS PROVIDED BY | Biomx Ltd | Dec 19, 2017, 07:30 ET NESS ZIONA, Israel, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BiomX Ltd., a microbiome company developing customized phage therapies, today announced the acquisition of RondinX. The acquisition fortifies BiomX’s […]

Future of the #Cancer #Treatments

Ayala #Pharmaceuticals, Founded by Israel Biotech Fund, aMoon and Harel Insurance, Enters Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) to Develop Cancer #Treatments December 06, 2017 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time REHOVOT, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ayala Pharmaceuticals, a #biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing targeted #cancer therapies, announced today that they have entered into an exclusive worldwide […]

UK company wins global #medicine #award for its ground-breaking potential MS #treatment

NOVEMBER 07, 2017 A leading scientist battling to halt the development of Multiple Sclerosis has revealed that clinical human trials will start by 2020, after her company was honoured with a major nano medicine award. Dr Su Metcalfe’s regenerative nanomedicine company, LIFNano™, was named Most Promising Nanomedicine Project at the International Nano Medicine Awards in Berlin on Tuesday, […]

Atox Bio closes $30M round as it speeds through late-stage trials

by brittany meiling — on December 4, 2017 09:06 AM EST Israel’s Atox Bio has raised $30 million — the latest in a long line of equity deals — to help push its #immune #modulators through late-stage clinical trials. The company is working on immune modulators for patients with severe infections and tissue injury. The company’s lead drug, called Reltecimod, is […]