Only after Ziv Shilon was discharged from the hospital rehabilitation center one year after his injury, did he understand that much of the world was not built for those with disabilities. Jerusalem Post by EYTAN HALON |  APRIL 25, 2019 09:39  One October night in 2012, amid thick fog, Givati Brigade company commander Ziv Shilon was […]

UK Turns To Israel For More Medtech Innovation

24 Apr 2019 | ANALYSIS by Catherine Longworth | Medtech Insight The UK Israel Hub creates business partnerships across a range of sectors including health care, smart cities, retail, fintech and cybersecurity. MiXiii Biomed – Israel’s Largest Health-Care Meeting This year, the Hub will use Israel’s annual MiXiii Biomed* conference as a focal point for UK […]

TytoCare to stock Best Buy shelves with its telehealth device for remote doctor’s exams

  FierceBiotech | by Conor Hale | Apr 22, 2019 “Best Buy said the exclusive partnership is another example of the store’s “growing commitment to the health space.” (Wikimedia Commons) Israel-based TytoCare is pairing up with big-box electronics retailer Best Buy to put its remote medical exam hardware directly into the hands of consumers. Available nationwide […]

Mining data, Israeli healthcare provider flags colon-cancer risk patients

Maccabi, in collaboration with heath-tech startup, has been using analytics in step forward for personalized medicine Times of Israel By SHOSHANNA SOLOMON | 15 April 2019 An illustrative image of a cancer patient and perfusion drip. Over the last year and a half, Maccabi Healthcare Services, in collaboration with Israeli startup Medial EarlySign, has flagged 67 […]

Inside ALYN Innovation, Israel’s One-Stop Shop For Pediatric Rehab Tech

Medtech Insights | by Catherine Longworth Naomi Gefen, ALYN Hospital’s Deputy Director General and chair of the MiXiii Biomed* rehabilitation track, told Medtech Insight that the brightly colored wheelchair on display evolved from a collaboration between the hospital and two Israeli inventors, Pablo Kaplan and Chava Rotshtein. *MiXiii Biomed is Israel’s leading international life science conference and exhibition, […]