To save the most precious – Life! (Russian)

Novosty Nedely – An article by Yakov Zobrayev that visited the convention. Translation into Hebrew: מובאים בכתבה רשמיו של הכותב יעקב זוברייב מהכנס Mixiii-BioMed שהתקיים בארץ בפעם ה-18.משתתפי הכנס, מדענים ומומחים ממדינות שונות, דנו בכנס שנערך במלון דוד אינטרקונטיננטל בתל אביב בבעיות ובאתגרים בתחום הביומד.מסופר על המכשיר AirNOvent שפיתחה חברת AITT herapeutics.המכשיר מיועד לחולים הסובלים […]

30 Israeli companies bring medtech innovations to North of England

30 Israeli companies bring medtech innovations to North of England 29 May 2019   RSS  More than 30 Israeli companies have accessed support to help bring health and medical technology innovations to the North of England in the last year, the Northern Health Science Alliance and UK Israel Tech Hub has announced. A strong pipeline […]

The biomed market is flourishing, so how can the generics companies stay out of the party?

שוק הביומד פורח, אז איך יכול להיות שחברות הגנריקה נשארו מחוץ לחגיגה מהפכת הגנום הובילה לפיתוח ואישור תרופות בקצב מהיר בעבר, מהפכת המידע דוחפת את שוק המכשור הרפואי קדימה, וחברות הביופארמה נהנות ממזומנים זמינים ונמצאות במצוד מתמיד אחר חברות קטנות וחדשניות • דווקא חברות התרופות הגנריות, שהיו אמורות ליהנות כספקיות של תרופות זולות יחסית, נמצאות […]

‘Greatest emerging market’? Cannabis-based drug R&D finally going mainstream

By Alfred Romann, Staff Writer | Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | BioWorld TEL AVIV, Israel – An awakening is underway in the biotech field to develop new products from cannabis, with efforts based on strong science and supported by clinical trials and rigorous research, particularly into the many potential uses of cannabinoids. The possibilities inherent in cannabinoids […]

The bio-tech industry has been identified as an economic growth in Israel

THE JERUSALEM INSTITUTE HAS PREPARED FOR THE JERUSALEM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY A REPORT PRESENTING STATISTICAL DATA ON THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY IN JERUSALEM Published: 13.5.19 | Status The bio-tech industry has been identified as an economic growth engine for the city of Jerusalem, since the city has a relative advantage to this industry due to the […]

Not only Eurovision: The global biomed industry is also meeting in Tel Aviv

And also: Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera is looking for a different experience לא רק אירוויזיון: גם תעשיית הביומד העולמית מתכנסת בתל אביב וגם: המרכז הרפואי הלל יפה בחדרה מחפש חוויה אחרת   מתברר שהשבוע הוא גם השבוע של חובבי הביומד, ולא רק של חובבי האירוויזיון: כנס Biomed-Mixiii-2019 נפל השנה בתזמון מעניין למדי, וייערך השבוע […]

Israel Innovation Authority, Mayo Clinic set up joint healthcare program

Israeli startups will be able to develop and test their health technologies and medical devices with the Rochester, Minnesota-based institution By SHOSHANNA SOLOMON | 15 May 2019 | Times of Israel    The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and Mayo Clinic have agreed to set up a joint program to enable Israeli startups to collaborate in developing and […]

Israel’s life sciences firms said to raise record $1.5 billion in 2018

Startup Nation’s 1,600 life sciences firms employ 83,000 workers, according to report By SHOSHANNA SOLOMON | Times of Israel  Israel is host to some 1,600 life sciences companies that employ more than 83,000 people, and the industry attracted a record $1.5 billion in 2018, up 25 percent year on year, according to a report released by […]

Israeli startup seeks to boost bone renewal and allow targeted drug delivery

New peptide developed by Bone Sci Bio has shown in clinical trials to be effective in regeneration and integration with existing bone tissue; FDA still needs to approve By SHOSHANNA SOLOMON | The Times of Israel Israeli startup Bone Sci Bio Ltd. is developing a product that treats bones by promoting the formation and repair of their […]


Attending the three-day conference are 11 leading British healthcare organizations, currently collaborating with the British Embassy in Israel to build new innovation partnerships with Israel. BY EYTAN HALON |  MAY 15, 2019 | JPost  As the 71-year-old UK National Health Service (NHS) strives to continue delivering cutting-edge care to its patients and communities today, Israel’s leading role […]