Annual Biomed Confab Highlights Role Of Advanced Tech In Rehabilitation

By Simona Shemer|  NoCamels | May 13, 2019 Israel’s annual Mixiii-Biomed conference, the prestigious three-day life science and biomed event now in its 18th year, is kicking off in Tel Aviv this week with a focus on the “full spectrum of healthcare.” The conference, co-organized by leading Israeli and international healthcare institutions, highlights health industry trends as […]

9 devices that could revolutionize current treatments

Heart failure, kidney disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, back pain – disruptive medical devices emerging from Israel could transform treatment for these conditions. By Abigail Klein Leichman  | MAY 12, 2019 | Israel21 Medical devices that could disrupt the healthcare field will be among the cutting-edge technologies to be revealed at the 18th annual MIXiii-Biomed Conference and […]

Israel Looks To Nurture New Leaders For Burgeoning Biotech Sector

Israeli Industry And Investment Leaders Discuss Market Development 10 May 2019 | ANALYSIS | by Kevin Grogan | In Vivo story Ruti Alon, CEO of venture capital fund Medstrada and co-chair of the MIXiii-BIOMED conference noted that as the sector has matured, there are indeed a number of biopharma companies developing drugs in clinical and even […]

Investor Eye: Israel’s Medical Device Fund Accelmed Seizes On Slow Medtech Investing

10 May 2019 | INTERVIEWS | by Catherine Longworth | Medtech Insight Accelmed Partner, Irit Yaniv, is an experienced senior executive in life sciences and former physician who oversees the firm’s investment in early stage Israeli medtech. Over the years, Yaniv says investors’ focus has shifted from medical devices to pharma with fewer VCs specializing […]

Here’s some advice for medtech startups: Don’t do your homework, CEOs say

by Carly Helfand | May 8, 2019 | “We had no idea what we were getting into,” said Perry Davidson, CEO of inhaler maker Syqe, which will present next week at the MIXiii-BIOMED conference in Tel Aviv. Davidson and his colleagues set about creating an inhaler for pharma-grade cannabis back in 2011 with “no personal background in this […]

Philips executive explains why Israel is tops in biotech

By Brian Blum | MAY 6, 2019 | Israel21 Israel’s embrace of new technologies in the medical field helps make the magic happen, says Philips Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas. ISRAEL21c spoke to Royal Philips Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas, who will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming MIXiii-BIOMED  conference in Tel Aviv next […]

If pharma looks slow to adopt AI, it’s got good reason, expert says

by Carly Helfand | May 1, 2019 11:04am | FiercePharma And just because pharma may be moving more slowly than other industries doesn’t mean it’s shying away. On the contrary, Harel said, CytoReason—which will present as part of the AI and Digital Health tracks next month at the MIXiii BIOMED conference in Tel Aviv—has seen “most large […]

VBL Of Israel Has High Hopes For Cancer Gene Therapy

SCRIP | 01 May 2019 | INTERVIEWS | by Kevin Grogan VBL will be presenting as part of the oncology track at MiXiii Biomed, Israel’s leading international life science conference and exhibition, taking place on May 14-16 in Tel Aviv.


Only after Ziv Shilon was discharged from the hospital rehabilitation center one year after his injury, did he understand that much of the world was not built for those with disabilities. Jerusalem Post by EYTAN HALON |  APRIL 25, 2019 09:39   One October night in 2012, amid thick fog, Givati Brigade company commander Ziv Shilon was […]

UK Turns To Israel For More Medtech Innovation

24 Apr 2019 | ANALYSIS by Catherine Longworth | Medtech Insight The UK Israel Hub creates business partnerships across a range of sectors including health care, smart cities, retail, fintech and cybersecurity. MiXiii Biomed – Israel’s Largest Health-Care Meeting This year, the Hub will use Israel’s annual MiXiii Biomed* conference as a focal point for UK […]