Meet the Speakers of 2020

The Best and Brightest

Our Panelists

Conference Co-Chairpersons

Plenary Speakers

Robert Cohen

VP of Global R&D, Chief Technology Officer, Stryker Joint Replacement

Prof. Robert Langer

Institute Professor at MIT, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering

Andrew “Cal” Callaway

Managing Director, U.S. Healthcare Investment Banking, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, MD

Director General, Sheba Medical Center

Eric H. Rubin, MD

Senior VP, Global Clinical Oncology, Merck & Co

Amir Gross

Ex-CEO, Valtech

Prof. Raphael Beyar, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, Corindus

Oded S. Lieberman, PhD, MBA

Ex-CEO, NeuroDerm

Asaf Danziger

CEO, Novocure

Targeted Cancer Treatment; Cure? Maintenance? – Has Medicine Reached these Points?

Decoding the Brain Enigma: Parkinson, Alzheimer’s ALS, Mental Disorders

Dekel Taliaz, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO, Taliaz

Allitia DiBernardo, MD

Global Medical Affairs Lead, Neurosciences, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Dimitrios Arkilo, MD

Sr. Medical Director, Global Clinical Lead, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co

AI Technology Redefining the Future of Biopharma, Care Delivery, and Holistic Medicine

Rosana Kapeller-Libermann, PhD

EIR, Google Ventures

Next Generation BioTherapeutics – Gene Editing, RNAi, Oligos, Cell and Gene Therapies and others

Assistant Professor, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Pierre Belichard

CEO, Enterome

Bright Spots Illuminating

Exact and Biological Science Diagnostics – Sensors, Genomics, AI, Imaging, and others

Prof. Peter A. Noseworthy, MD

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Director Business Development, Cleveland Clinic Innovations

Robotics Role in Future Healthcare Systems

VP New Business Development & Partnerships, Medtronic

Wenbo Liu

, Sinovation (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., LTD

Aging Science and Technology – From Single Cell to Population at Large