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The 20th Israel International Agricultural Science and Technology Exhibition was held in Tel Aviv. (Photographer Sun Yi)

International Online Report (China International Radio reporter Sun Wei): From May 8th to the 10th, the 20th International Agricultural Science and Technology Exhibition was held in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural science and technology in the world. Dozens of agricultural technology companies from Israel, Italy, Spain, Russia, Thailand and other countries took part in the show, and Yunnan, Hainan and other provinces also set up booths and sent hundreds of delegations to visit and inspect.

Israel’s International Agricultural Science and Technology Exhibition is held once every three years. This year’s scale is very large. The Tel Aviv Convention and Exhibition Center has set up three exhibition halls and outdoor large-scale agricultural machinery. In the exhibition hall set up specifically for start-up companies, the reporter saw a drone surrounded by people. The original Israeli company bought a drone from China and rebuilt it, and drove it under a drone. The pesticide spraying system can replace pesticides sprayed by previously piloted helicopters, which greatly saves manpower, capital, and time costs. In the seed product exhibition hall, before the booth of Israel’s famous Solvay Seeds and Agricultural Projects company, merchants from various countries came to the forefront and merchants from Africa, India and China were very interested in the tomato seeds of Soli Corporation.

Li Boqi, president of Soli Corporation, stated that the Chinese people’s living standards have improved and the quality of agricultural products has become more demanding. The Chinese government attaches great importance to agriculture and is now an excellent opportunity to cooperate with China: “I think China’s agricultural market is very large. We are experiencing new developments from small farms to big farms, and the quality of our products is better. The Chinese government is very concerned about agriculture. For us, this is a very good opportunity. We can adjust our experience and technology to make it suitable for China’s conditions. So this It’s a unique opportunity for us to conduct our business.”

The Israeli start-up company has transformed Dajiang’s drones for agriculture. (Photographer Sun Yi)

Lang Fengjun, General Manager of Nujiang Branch of Yunnan Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd., said that he was the first time to come to Israel to participate in the exhibition. He hoped to introduce the excellent varieties of Israeli vegetables: “The domestic vegetables are followed in variety, per mu, taste and organic aspects. Twenty years ago, we have made great progress. However, we still have a gap with developed countries. We are state-owned enterprises. Let’s take a look at Israel’s agricultural seeds, agricultural resources, and agricultural machinery. There are no good and advanced things. We can Establish a partnership.”

Chen Kebo, president of Hainan Pepper Association, led his two companies to set up their booths in Israel for the first time. He proudly stated that the area of ​​pepper cultivation in Hainan Province accounts for more than 95% of China’s pepper. The countries of the world use pepper as a seasoning necessity and Hainan pepper products. Each year it exports to the United States, the European Union and other places up to 5,000 tons. The participation in Israel’s agricultural science and technology exhibition is also an opportunity for Hainan’s enterprises. He said: “After China announces the Hainan Free Trade Zone, Hainan must go out. Only by going out we can reach out to the outside world, can we expand the popularity of our products in the international market, and lay a good foundation for our brand to go abroad. The Israeli consumption of pepper is considerable. Just a few companies in Israel have come over and read our products. They all have a keen interest in our products and hope to have a good cooperation with us.”

Wang Shaolei, president of Hainan Yuanshengtang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., said that Hainan needs to build a healthy island and a green island. The health industry is an industry that Hainan has always valued. As a company specializing in health foods, we also hope to take this opportunity to go abroad. Wang Shaolei said: “We must respond to the Hainan provincial government’s call to go out of the country, bravely integrate with the international market, let us more products to the international market, participate in international competition. Although it is to Israel, but we also saw this exhibition Customers from all over the world expressed a strong desire for cooperation with our products. We must step up implementation after returning, and turn this opportunity into a real cooperation result.”

Israeli agricultural products. (Photographer Sun Yi)

Israel’s Minister of Northeast Asia’s Northeast Asia’s Kaspi said that this is the first time that such a large-scale Chinese enterprise delegation has participated in Israel’s agricultural science and technology exhibition, demonstrating that the cooperation between China and Israel in the agricultural sector is in the ascendant: “China and Israel The country celebrated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations last year, and China-Israel cooperation in agriculture is entering the second phase.You can see hundreds of Chinese people coming to the show to learn about Israel’s most advanced technology, and now there are many Israeli companies in China and Chinese companies are cooperating mainly in food safety, water-saving irrigation, etc. The cooperation will continue to be strengthened and the prospects are broad.”

Zhang Zhongqiu, head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China and chief veterinarian, said that the complementarity between China and Israel in the field of agriculture is very strong and the two sides should strengthen cooperation and exchanges: “There is strong complementarity between China and Israel in many aspects of agriculture, especially Israel. Water-saving irrigation agriculture is more in line with our needs in the northwest region, including biological breeding, pest control, etc. These have very broad prospects for cooperation.We should strengthen mutual exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and apply Israel’s advanced practical technologies to China’s In agricultural production, China is now advancing agricultural modernization, including the next step of rural revitalization, all of which require advances in agricultural science and technology.”

Li Boqi, president of Soli Corporation, introduced products to Nigerian businessmen. (Photographer Sun Yi)

Pineapple show by Thai company

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Northeast Asia Division, Omer Kaspi. (Photographer Sun Yi)

Outdoor machinery exhibition

Chinese booth

Fruit packaging line

Inside the exhibition


第20届国际农业科技展在以色列举行 中以合作进入新阶段

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以色列第20届国际农业科技展在特拉维夫举行。(摄影 孙伶俐)

国际在线报道(中国国际广播电台记者 孙伶俐):5月8日至10日,第20届国际农业科技展在以色列特拉维夫举行,这是世界上农业科技领域最重要的展会之一。来自以色列、意大利、西班牙、俄罗斯、泰国等国家的几十家农业科技公司参展,中国云南、海南等省也设立了展位,并派出了数百人的代表团参观考察。



以色列初创公司对大疆无人机进行了改造,用于农业。(摄影 孙伶俐)




以色列的农产品。(摄影 孙伶俐)



索丽公司总裁李伯奇向尼日利亚客商介绍产品。(摄影 孙伶俐)