Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA)

Hyderabad is not only the capital the newly born Telangana; it is also the biggest contributor to the excise revenue and taxes. Also, it is the largest contributor to the State’s gross domestic product, state taxes and excise revenues. And it has been possible because now Hyderabad has reached high levels of commercialization and monetization.

Over past couple of decades, Hyderabad’s economy is changing from manufacturing sector to service sector. Since 1990’s Hyderabad has also joined to Bangalore to contribute in growth of Information Technology Sector of Indian Economy. In the North-West direction of the city, the government created a special zone named “Cyberabad” for the growth of IT sector in this region. Also, while planning for Urban development, they have considered it as a special development zone, and it has separate authority named Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA).