Conference Program 2019

 Conference Program – International Cyber Security Conference


4 September 2019


9:00 am
– 9:30 am
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Lighting Lamp and Inauguration

9:30 am
– 10:00 am

09:30-09:45: Lighting Lamp and Inauguration

09:45-10:00: Mr. Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary , IT, Govt of Telangana –Inaugural Speech

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Opening Keynotes

10:00 am
– 10:50 am

10:00-10:15: Mr. Ram Levi, Founder, Konfidas, Israel – International Perspective : War on Privacy in the 21st Century

10:15-10:30: Mr. J. Satyanarayana, Chairman, UIDAI(AADHAR), Ex-Secy, IT & C,GOI – National Perspective on Cyber Security and Privacy in India’s Digitization Journey

10:30-10:50: Mr. Valan Sivasubramanian, Manager – Systems Engineering, Fortinet – National Perspective : Security Transformation in Today’s Digital World

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Tea Break

10:50 am
– 11:10 am
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Session 1 : Quantum Cryptography-The Next Frontier in Data Security!!

11:10 am
– 12:10 pm

Dr. M.T.  Karunakaran, Head-Technology and Products, QuNu Labs Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Anindita Banerjee, Quantum Security Specialist, QuNu Labs Pvt Ltd.

12:00-12:10: Q&A

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Session 2: Cloud Security – Managing the cloud blast radius

12:10 pm
– 1:20 pm

12:10-12:20: Moderator Address : Mr. Ram Levi, Founder, Konfidas, Israel

12:20-13:10: Panelists:

Mr. Vishak Raman, Director- Security Business, Cisco India & SAARC

Mr. Gouri Gudla, VP, Cloud Network Planning and Strategy, APAC and Japan, Akamai Technologies

Mr. Vijay B, Director of Cyber Security, Qualcomm

Mr. Kalyan Muppaneni, CEO & Co-Founder, PiData centers

13:10-13:20: Q&A

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Lunch Break

1:20 pm
– 2:20 pm
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Session 3: Cyber Compliance or Cyber Legal compliance-A Deep dive into the laws of the Land

2:20 pm
– 3:30 pm

14:20-14:30: Moderator Address: Advocate Prashant Jhala, Co-Founder, Indian Cyber Lawyers and Co-Founder, Indian Cyber Institute

14:30-15:20: Panelists:

Mr. Deepak Maheshwari, Director, Government Affairs, India, ASEAN & China, Symantec Corporation

Mr. Rizwan Sheikh, Co- Founder, Indian Cyber Institute and Renowned Ethical Hacker

Adv Bafna, Cyber Crime Lawyer, Bafna Law Associates

Dr. Rukmani, Chairperson and CEO, Helik Advisory Ltd

15:20-15:30: Q&A

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Tea Break

3:30 pm
– 3:50 pm
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Session 4: Pharma 4.0-Data Security Challenges and Strategies!!

3:50 pm
– 5:15 pm

15:50-16:05: Mr. Manne Chowdary, CEO & MD-Ample Logic – Pharma 4.0 Implementation with Visual Modelling Techniques

16:05-16:15: Moderator : Mr. Gopal Rangaraj, CIO-Emami Agrotech and Cement

16:15-17:05: Panelists:

Mr. Mukesh Rathi, CIO, Dr.Reddys-TBC

Dr. Avadhut Parab, Global Cio-Wockhardt

Mr. Venkatramana Gadicherla, SME-Global IT, CSV, QA & Compliance Leader

17:05-17:15: Q&A

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5 September 2019

Opening Keynotes

9:20 am
– 9:40 am

09:20-09:30: Mr. Malligarjunan Easwaran, Security Practice Lead, HPE Point Next Advisory & Professional Services – ”Security Operations and Automation”

09:30-09:40: Keynote: Ms. Rachel Jacoby, Former Head of Cyber Security Division, Bank of Israel – “Banking Regulations and Cloud Computing Risk Management”

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Session 5: Securing Enterprise IoT to drive business value

9:40 am
– 10:50 am

09:40-09:50: Moderator Address: Mr. Sunil David, Regional Director ( IOT ) , AT&T India

09:50-10:40: Panelists:

Mr. Prasanna Lohar, Head Innovation, DCB Bank

Mr. A. Seshagiri Rao, Chairman and CMD, TCIL

Mr. Amit Rao, VP-Strategy, APAC-Trusted Objects

Mr. Valan Sivasubramanian, Regional Manager Systems Engineering, Fortinet

10:40-10:50: Q&A

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Tea Break

10:50 am
– 11:10 am
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Session 6: Location Independent Security Approach ( LISA ) -Zero Trust

11:10 am
– 12:20 pm

11:10-11:20: Moderator Address: Mr. Lopa Mudra Basu, Global Head-Cyber Security Risk Governance and Compliance-Nissan Motor Corp – TBA

11:20-12:10: Panelists:

Mr. Durga Prakash Devarakonda, Founder and CEO, Clairvoy Analytics

Mr. Bharat B Anand, COT, NATGRID, Ministry of Home Affairs

Mr. Shankat Kambhampaty, DXC Distinguished Architect, Director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for major Financial Services account at DXC India

Mr. Malligarjunan Easwaran, Security Practice Lead, HPE PointNext Advisory & Professional Services

12:10-12:20: Q&A

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Session 7: Responsible Disclosure or Cyber Insurance-The Prudent way to deal with a Cyber Breach

12:20 pm
– 1:20 pm

12:10-12:20: Moderator Address: Ms. Sonam Rana, Senior Consultant, E&Y

12:20-13:20: Panelists:

Mr. Inderjeet Singh Barara, TEDx Speaker, CCSO-Vara Technology

Mr. Gaurav Pathak, ADG-CERT IN

Mr. Rajshekhar Murthy, Director, Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC)

Ms. Rachel Yaacoby, Former Head of Cyber Security Division, Bank of Israel

13:20-13:30: Q&A

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Lunch Break

1:30 pm
– 2:30 pm
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Session 8: Building Security in-Dev Sec Ops

2:30 pm
– 3:40 pm

14:30-14:40: Moderator Address: Mr. Srinivas Reddy, VP-Technology, Karvy Data mngt

14:40-15:30: Panelists:

Mr. Smith Gonsalves, Advisor-Mitkat Advisory, One of India’s youngest Cyber Security Evangelist

Mr. Lavakumar Kuppam, Founder and Author-Iron Wasp Security

Mr. Venkata Satish Guttula, Director, Security, Rediff.Com India

15:30-15:40: Q&A

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Tea Break

3:40 pm
– 3:55 pm
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3:55 pm
– 4:15 pm
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Vote of Thanks & Closing

4:15 pm
– 4:30 pm
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