High School Students Challenge

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Listen to fresh perspectives from high school students who will no doubt shape the future of technology.

TELANGANA CYBER SECURITY POLICY states that citizens, forming the building blocks of the society, have a key role to play in protecting the cyberspace.
A responsible citizen shall be encouraged to:

  • Follow cyber hygiene while interacting in the cyberspace
  • Be responsible for their own behavior in cyberspace
  • Be aware of the ever changing threat landscape and adopt safety measures
  • Learn to identify and report threats in a safe and timely manner
  • Know how to protect themselves from basic cyber attacks

Your school is invited to constitute a competition, in which the best idea to promote protection of the cyberspace by the general public according to the principles of the policy will be chosen.

The winning teams from the schools participating in the competition will have five (5) minutes to present their ideas in a special session of the cyber security event. A team of experts will choose the three (3) best ideas and an endorsement will be given to the winners.

For those wishing to participate or have any questions, kindly contact praveenk@kenes-exhibitions.com.