About Agritech Israel

Agritech Israel 2018 is celebrating its 20th successful conference and exhibition on agricultural technologies, innovations and food processing.

We are privileged to invite speakers, participants, students, delegates and exhibitors from across the globe to this premier International Conference and Exhibition taking place on May 8-10, 2018 in Tel Aviv.

Conference attendees will share views and ideas and improve their knowledge on the advanced techniques aimed at increasing the productivity of the industries. Agritech Israel is the common platform for policy makers, directors, professors, scientists, students and research scholars. Participants include CEOs, consultants, managers, economists and project managers from business and industrial sectors around the world.

The theme for Agritech Israel 2018 conference is “Agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions”. The conference program will be dedicated to the challenges and solutions facing these regions globally.

Participants congregating on the platform of the Agriculture Conference to introduce their solutions to local, national and multi-national agricultural challenges in desert areas, will include the following:

• leaders
• policy makers
• government and NGO members
• international cooperation entrepreneurs
• experts in crops, orchards, wood and livestock
• scientists & researchers
• farmers & growers
• agronomists & breeders
• water, soil & irrigation professionals
• project financiers
• climate meteorologists
• environmentalists
• technology inventors
• developers and entrepreneurs

Agritech Israel 2018 will focus on efforts and achievements of policy makers, scientists, industries, organizations, farmers, project companies and bankers, working to overcome desert barriers, expand food sources and to “push the envelope” of agricultural limits.

We invite you to join us at the 20th International Conference on Agriculture in Tel Aviv, Israel, May 8-10, 2018.