Welcome letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the triennial Agritech Israel Exhibition and Conference that will take place during 8-10 May 2018, at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.

We invite you to actively join us as exhibitors, visitors, participants in the professional conference, exhibition and the professional site tours to be held during the event.

Thanks to the groundbreaking innovation nature of Israeli agriculture, Agritech is one of the most important agricultural professional exhibitions in the world and the number of visitors, from around the world, reaches tens of thousands.

Global warming, climate change, extreme weather phenomena, water deficiency and desertification all present new challenges that require extensive and profound approaches and durable solutions for efficient farming on the edge of the desert.

The professional conference, held within the framework of the exhibition, will be devoted entirely to the challenges related to agriculture on the edge of the desert and its achievements.

Dr. Uri Yermiyahu, from the agricultural research organization (ARO-Volcani Institute), will spearhead the conference, together with, industrialists, professionals, academics, farmers and growers.

To Agritech, Israel will continue to be a trailblazer when it comes to professional innovation. A special area, the “​​Innovation Pavilion” is being dedicated to display the latest developments and most innovative technology in the Israeli agricultural industry.

As always in the past, the Government of Israel, will be a full partner in organizing the exhibition and its large variety of planned events, with the active support and participation of the Ministries of Agriculture, Economy and Industry, Foreign Affairs and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute.

We, the management team, are ready and happy to closely support your participation. Together, our best efforts will ensure an outstanding event and provide maximum exposure.

Looking forward to seeing you at Agritech Israel 2018!

Ofir Libstein

General Manager, Agritech NPO