Jerusalem & Dead Sea tour


08:00 – Depart from your Tel Aviv hotel for a most exciting and memorable tour. Tour to Jerusalem, a UNESCO world heritage site, and one of the most sacred sites for Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  After which we will continue to the Dead Sea, one of the wonders of our universe.

We will drive to Jerusalem and arrive at the Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount,

visit Mount Zion and the Tomb of King David.

We will also visit the upper room or also called the Room of  The Last Supper.

We will enter the Old City via the Zion Gate and visit the Jewish Quarter.

Arrive at the excavated and restored Roman Cardo, the “Hurva “great Synagogue, the Golden

Menorah replica and more. We will visit the Western Wall (the Kotel in Hebrew) the only remnant of the Glorious Temple.

Continue to the Christian Quarter.

Walk along the stations of the Via Dolorosa (the way of the suffering) and visit the Church of The Holy Sepulchre. 

Lunch at an Old City restaurant.

Leave the Old City via the Jaffa Gate and drive through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea region, the lowest point on earth (410 meters below sea level). Enjoy an opportunity to float on the salty waters at one of the resorts on the shores of the Dead Sea. Shower, change, and dinner at Kalia beach at Dead Sea.

Board the bus to drive back to Tel Aviv.