MAY 6, 2019

Israel’s embrace of new technologies in the medical field helps make the magic happen, says Philips Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas.

ISRAEL21c spoke to Royal Philips Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas, who will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming MIXiii-BIOMED  conference in Tel Aviv next week.

Philips’ latest acquisition in Israel was the healthcare information systems division of CareStream Health, which develops much of its software in Israel. Philips bought the company’s enterprise imaging platform used to detect diseases from radiology data.

Diagnostic imaging is one of Israeli med-tech’s strongest areas and Philips’ “core radiology informatics team is located in Haifa,” Tas said.

While the MIXiii-Biomed conference is an opportunity for Tas to share his vision in a public forum, it offers an equally important space for Israeli innovators to connect with Philips.

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