About Us


Create, facilitate and develop leading platforms enabling businesses to do business.

Provide an environment to facilitate business to the fullest potential, resulting in  maximum returns in one location at one time.



Kenes Exhibitions was established in 1994,  its founders and key personnel bringing with them more than 30 years of highly successful activity in marketing and management of exhibitions/trade fairs.

Our team performs as a cohesive unit, combining their skills in their different fields of activity, resulting in a successful and smoothly-run operation.



Our driving force is our proven ability in creating first-rate networking platforms by facilitating top-notch professional exhibitions and conferences.

We are proud to be at the forefront of our field of expertise, anticipating and developing solutions to maximize the impact of our clientele.

Offering extensive professional knowledge and outstanding proven capability, our expertise encompasses the management and organization of leading exhibitions in the field of telecommunications, electro-optics, microelectronics, biotechnology, agricultural technology, security, aviation, water management and other high-tech and traditional industries. We are also highly skilled in organizing and managing industry-centric and scientific exhibitions.



Kenes Exhibitions’ high-standard, comprehensive service in the organization of international exhibition includes exhibitor and participant recruitment and registration incorporating accounting and billing management as well as assistance for exhibitor booth design and construction — including all technical elements, publicity and advertising requirements. As an added bonus, travel services for international participants are also available



The event outcomes speak for themselves and corroborate best what Kenes Exhibitions is really about.
Agritech Asia  in Ahmedabad attracted 130,000 visitors with over 180 exhibitors from India and all over the world. The exhibitors were impressed with the quality of the visitors and the successful logistical capabilities involved in reaching out and mobilizing the target audience.