Instructions for Abstract Submission for Company Presentations

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Abstract Submission Open

IATI Biomed 2016 Conference Program will comprise nine main tracks, each track consisting of Invited Lectures/Panels and Company Presentations.

Companies are invited to submit an abstract to be reviewed for oral presentation in the Company Presentation Sessions of IATI Biomed 2016. Abstract Submission Deadline until 10 April.
Presenting authors must hold one of the following positions: Chairman of the BOD, CEO, CFO, COO, CSO, VP of Business Development, VP of R&D, General Manager.

The Registration Fee for presenters of abstracts accepted to Company Presentation Sessions, will be covered for the day of the presentation and presenters will be automatically registered to the Conference. If the presenter wishes to attend the conference on any of the other 2 days, then on-line registration for any additional days must be completed.


Abstracts for Oral Company Presentations in the IATI Biomed 2016 Conference Program must be submitted for a specific Submission Category AND a specific Presentation Type.

Start-up Companies must select the Submission Category entitled:  Start-up! Fantasize a New Healthcare System (START-UP COMPETITION)

  1. Submission Category (Mandatory to select one):
    Accepted abstracts will be scheduled in the relevant Conference Program track.
  • Health IT
  • Immuno-oncology and Biomarkers
  • Listen to Your Aching Heart
  • The New “Kids” on the block
    * Microbiome
    * Gene Editing and Gene Therapy
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Personalized Diagnostics and Precision Medicine
  • Robotics’ Role in Healthcare
  • Early Stage Challenges and Opportunities
  • Start-up Competition
  • Translational Research
  1. Presentation Type (Mandatory to select one):
  • Biotech/Pharma
  • Medical Devices
  • Health IT/Digital Health
  • Service Providers


Prior to starting the abstract submission process, you should download the official template to be found in the on-line system and insert the text for your abstract.
The abstract takes the format of Questions and Responses. Please choose the set of questions that fits the presentation type (Biotech/Pharma, Medical Devices, Health IT/Digital Health OR Service Providers) that your company profile falls under.
Complete the abstract and save it to your computer.
NOTE: Abstracts must be saved as a Word doc. File and NOT a dox.file.
The abstract will now be ready for upload to the submission system.
The minimum number of words is 100 and the maximum number is 300.

  1. The abstract template consists of two sets of questions, one set is relevant to companies that fall into the Biotech/PharmaMedical Devices and Health IT/Digital Health type and the second set is relevant to companies that fall into the Service Provider type
  2. Select the set of questions which are relevant to the category your company falls into.
  3. Delete the set of questions that are not applicable.
  4. After answering the applicable set of questions leave the main bullets and delete the explanation text under each bullet.

Questions for Biotech/Pharma; Medical Devices and Health IT/Digital Health categories:
Answers should not exceed 60 words per question

  • Investment Rational
    Briefly describe the company’s technology or therapeutic focus. The market opportunity, progress made to date key partnerships or joint ventures. Management strengths
  • Business Strategy
    Briefly describe how the company will apply its core technology,
    Generate near-term and long term revenues
  • Core Technology
    What is the technology, its uniqueness and its value proposition
  • Product Profile/Pipeline
    Describe companies’ product/pipelines, current status and market potential. Discuss milestones, potential collaboration and partnership
  • What’s next?
    Preclinical / Clinicals
    Organizational plans
    Financial plans

Questions for Service Provider category:
Answers should not exceed 60 words per question

  • Main Service: 
    Briefly describe the company’s services and therapeutic areas, eg regulation, reimbursement. IP etc
  • Key Strengths: 
    What is the uniqueness and key value proposition, management experience etc
  • Experience with Israeli Companies: 
    Please provide examples if relevant
  • Key Markets: 
    In which territories is your expertise and your services are relevant


  1. Please save your document as a doc.file and NOT a dox.file.
  2. Official confirmation of abstract submission will be emailed to all final submitted/published abstracts on completion of the submission on-line process. If you have not received this confirmation then the abstract submission process is not yet complete and your abstract will not be sent for review.
  3. To final submit/publish your abstract please re-enter the submission system at the following link login, select your open abstract, click on the Summary tab at the top right of the page. If all information is correct, click the Publish button to be found on the bottom left of the Summary tab.
  4. The abstract title should be the topic discussed in the abstract and not the Company name.
  5. In cases of difficulties with uploading in the submission system, please contact the Secretariat:


  • Abstracts must be submitted before the deadline in order to be sent for review.
  • Presentation slots are limited and not all abstracts submitted can be included.
  • Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for the abstract to be published in all official conference publications.
  • A condition of submission is that you agree to such publication and to surrender any copyright over the abstract as submitted to IATI Biomed 2016.
  • Abstracts must be submitted through this website and the official submission system and must be written in English.
  • Abstracts by mail or fax will not be accepted.