Welcome Letter from Co-Chairpersons

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in the 21st BIOMED Israel Conference and Exhibition, to be held May 16-18, 2023, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

BIOMED is Israel’s premiere and most established life sciences conference. It has positioned itself as the main annual meeting place for both Israeli and international players. The event brings together leading biotech, pharma and medical devices CEOs, heads of R&D, top academics, and healthcare life science investors worldwide for networking opportunities to promote the translation of inventions into medicines distribution in the across health systems. It provides a unique and exuberating occasion for discussions, panel presentations and product demonstrations, all paving the way for new business collaborations.

The conference will discuss nine main topics, throughout which the aging population and AI technologies will be consistent underlying themes. These themes reflect biomed exigencies resulting from an ageing population with a variety of chronic diseases, a lack of medical professionals, a profusion of data which must be analyzed to realize its potential value, issues concerning the quality of life and the escalating cost of healthcare.

  • AI and ME: The Use of AI Heralds Exciting and Promising New Era in Patients Diagnosis
  • Precision Oncology: Diagnostics, Prognosis, Treatments and Prevention
  • Hottest Breakthroughs in Medical Devices
  • Biofood: New Era in Food Technology
  • Academic Science and Technology; Accelerating Translation of Medical Discoveries
  • Cobot, the Robot: A Helping Hand to the Healthcare Industry
  • AI Transforming Treatment, Drug Discovery, and Development
  • Aa Eye to the Future: Newest Vision Enhancing Diagnostics and Treatments
  • Bio Convergent Technologies and their Impact on the Human Life Cycle

This year’s conference is co-organized by leading Israeli and international healthcare institutions with the objectives of exposing participants to leaders and experts in the field of biomed and of allowing local and global attendees to mix and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Our previous successful conferences hosted over 6,000 industry executives, scientists, doctors, engineers, and investors, including approximately 1,000 international participants from over 45 countries and more than 4,500 one-on-one meetings.

We look forward to your ACTIVE support and participation at the 21st BIOMED, Israel May 16-18, 2023.

Best regards from Israel,

Ruti Alon

Founder and CEO

Ora Dar, PhD

Senior Expert, Medical Sciences
and Health Innovation

Nissim Darvish, MD, DSc

Managing General Partner,
Maor Ventures