TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2023

Ruti Alon, Founder and CEO, Medstrada
Dr. Ora Dar, PhD, Senior Expert, Medical Sciences and Health Innovation
Nissim Darvish, MD, PhD, Managing General Partner, Eliraz Ventures

Christopher A. Viehbacher, President and CEO, Biogen, Into the Brain! 
Maurice R. Ferre, MD, Chairperson and CEO, Insightec
Ajay Dhankhar, PhDManaging Director Healthcare Group, Lazard, The Great Convergence: MedTech, Diagnostics, Data and Services Coming Together to Improve Patient Outcomes

Moderators: Ofer Sharon, MD, CEO, OncoHost and Prof. Nir Friedman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Meromit Singer, PhD, Director, Bioinformatics, Guardant Health, Liquid biopsies for cancer detection and management
Hannah McEwen, PhD, Head of Engineering Sciences, Johnson & Johnson Lung Cancer Initiative, Innovating with Strategic Partners to Address Unmet Needs

Vered Bar, PhD, VP R&D, Curesponse Tech

Ofer Sharon, MD, CEO, OncoHost

Aharona Shuali, VP Medical, Nucleix 

Dean Bitan, Co-founder & CEO, Imagene

Ronen Sadeh, Co-founder & CEO, SenseeraChromatin-Based Epigenetic Liquid Biopsy

Boris Oklander, Co-founder & CTO, C2i Genomics

Avi Viedman, CEO, Nucleai

Yair Benita, PhD, CTO, AION Labs

Uwe Schoenbeck,  PhD, SVP & CSO, Pfizer, When AI Meets Biology: Harnessing data science and technology to advance breakthrough medicines

Anne Phelan, PhD, CSO, Benevolent Ai

Anat Naschitz, Co-founder and CEO, 9xchange 
Noam Solomon, PhD, CEO, ImmunAI

Thomas Clozel, MD, CEO & Co-founder, Owkin

Flavius Martin, PhD, Executive Vice President of Research, Gilead

Uwe Schoenbeck, Anne Phelan, Anat Naschitz, Noam Solomon, Thomas Clozel, Flavius Martin

Michelle Chen, PhD, CBO, Insilico Medicine, Building a Thriving AI Pharma Ecosystem: Collaborating for a Smarter and Healthier Future 

Barry Greene, CEO, Sage Therapeutics, Exploration & innovation in parallel: The time is now for solutions
Clement Gautier, Director, Global External Innovation, Ipsen, “Is neuroscience the next oncology?” 

Christopher. A. Viehbacher, President & CEO, Biogen

Yotam Drechsler, Founder & CEO, BrainQ Technologies

Gil Issachar, CTO, FireFly NeuroScience, Revolutionizing Mental Illness Treatment through AI-powered Analysis of the Largest Multi-Task EEG Cognitive Database

Talia Cohen Solal, PhD, CEO, Genetika+ Precision Medicine Transforming Mental Health and Neurology

Tal Gilat, Co-Founder & CEO, NeuroGenesis, Neurogenesis – Healing from Within: How Personalized Cell Therapy is Transforming MS and ALS Treatments

Michal Geva, PhD, VP, Head of Research, Prilenia, Pridopidine: A potent and selective S1R agonist for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Alon Ironi, CEO, Theranica


Moderators: Arjun “JJ” Desai, MD, Chief Strategic Innovation Officer, Insightec and Gilad Glick, Vice President, Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Fund

Introduction & Opening Remarks: Arjun “JJ” Desai & Gilad Glick

William Cohn, Surgical Director, Bivacor, CMO, Obvius Robotics

Eyal Shamir, CEOIce Cure
Ronit Harpaz, CEO, Endoron
Tomer Shussman, Co-founder & CEO, OneStep
Rachel Weissbrod, Vice President CR & Q, Medasense Biometrics,  Transforming the way pain is being assessed and treated worldwide
David Vortman, CEOUltraSight, Increasing Patients’ Access to Cardiac Care
Ronen Segal, CTO, Alpha TAU Medical Ltd            

Arjun “JJ” Desai, CSIO, Growth Stage Executive, Insightec
Gilad Glick, Vice President, Venture Investments for Johnson & Johnson Innovation Fund 
William Cohn, MD, Surgical Director, Bivacor, CMO, Obvius Robotics
Sandra Morgan, Board Director & Advisor
Maurice Ferre, MD, CEO & Chairman, Insightec

Matt Studney, Vice President, Merck Research Laboratories Information Technology, Merck & Co. (MSD), Data and IT Considerations When Partnering with Pharma

Iris Alroy, Co-founder & CSO, Anima Biotech
Tuvik Beker, PhD, CEO, Pangea Biomed, Predicting Response to Cancer Therapy from Transcriptomics and Histopathology

Thomas Clozel, Isaac Bentwich, Yael Villa, Matt Studney, Tuvik Beker

Leaders: Amy Heath and Pete Vaccaro, Partners, Formulary Insights
In this interactive workshop, Pete Vaccaro and Amy Heath will draw from their combined 50 years of experience with numerous US product launches. They will share the critical factors for US reimbursement success that every biopharma and device manufacturer must begin to incorporate into their strategic plans years before launch. Audience members will learn best practices and common pitfalls by way of vivid case studies designed to bring the realities of the US market to life and deliver actionable insights. You are encouraged to bring your questions and unique experiences to discuss as we embrace the unique challenge of earning maximum reimbursement in the world’s largest and most complex healthcare market.


Moderator: Erez Chimovits, Partner, OrbiMed
Andrew Levin, Partner & Managing Director, RA Capital
David Malek, Operating Partner, Pivotal BioVenture Partners
Michal Silverberg, Managing Director, Novartis Venture
Nick Williams, Partner, Medicxi
Carolyn Ng, Partner & Managing Director, TPG

Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority, Bioconvergence is taking Israeli Health-tech to the Next Level

Francois Maisonrouge, Senior Managing Director, Evercore, Pursuing and financing healthcare innovation in a time of geopolitical and macro economic uncertainty

Moderator: Nathalie Bloch, MD MPA, Senior Advisor, National Program for Bio convergence, Israel Innovation Authority

Ami Appelbaum, PhD, Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority  

Nathalie Bloch, MD, MPA, ‘Intro to the seats (TELEM committee and upcoming R&D centers in Biochips and Environmental Microbiome)’ 

Yaakov Nahmias, PhD, Founder & CSO, Tissue Dynamics, 
Overview of the Biochips world: why is it important to develop this domain in Israel? Industrial applications. and examples form the Israeli Ecosystem
Dudi Zeevi, PhD, Principal Investigator, Zeevi Lab at Weizman Institute,
Overview of the Environmental Microbiome: why it is important for Israel as a country to develop a R&D center in this domain? And what are the industrial applications of it. Examples from the Israeli and international ecosystem  
Ashim Subedee, PhD, Director, Catalyst Office, BARDA Ventures,
Challenges and current/future trends in deep biotech investments
Mayan Katz, Partner, Goodwin’s Life Sciences group,
Challenges in commercialization of deep biotech projects

Dor Kestecher, VP of Business Development, Lavie Bio, Extracting The Untapped Ag-biologicals Value
Keren Tadmor, Head of Microbiome Department, SGTech, Microbiome as a key player in Sustainable Energy
Mission of Lavie Bio and SGTech  in the world of Environmental Microbiome, and both company’s long-term plans.
The most challenging aspects of founding and funding young companies in this domain
Ori Furman, PhD, CTO, Ruminera
Aryeh Batt, PhD, CEO, Precise Bio
Idan Tamir, PhD, CEOQulab
Eran Seger, Co-Founder & CEO,  Protai, lluminating the proteome for better cures

Anat Naschitz, CEO, 9xchange

Prof. Nir Barzilai, Director, Einstein Institute for Aging Research, Einstein Institute
How to die young at a very old age

Prof. Haim Cohen, Founder and CSO, SIRTLAB
SIRT6 expression for age related disease
Michelle Mahler, MD CMO, 1E Therapeutics, Targeting aging and senescence with molecular therapeutics
Dganit Bar, PhD, CEO, Sentaur Biosciences, Precision Therapeutics for Senescence Driven Diseases
Ohad Gafni, PhD, CSO, Renewal Bio, Renewing human health, Renewal Bio is Going to Disrupt the Cell Therapy Landscape
Dori Pelled, PhD, COO, IMEL Biotherapeutics, Cell therapy to restore mitochondrial function
Prof. Eldad Tzahor, Weizmann Institute
How to make your heart MI resistant

Prof. Brian Kennedy, Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity, National University of Singapore

Mariela Glandt, Endocrinologist, Co-founder and CEO, Owna Health, Maximizing metabolism for a longer and healthier life 

Jens Eckstein, Managing Partner, Apollo Health Ventures, Longevity – investor perspective

Prof. David Furman, Associate Director, The Buck Institute; Founder & Chairman, Cosmica, Accelerated Drug Discovery for Aging Using Spaceflight and Ground Analogs

Moderators: Yaron Daniely, PhD, General Partner, aMoon Fund and Tehila Ben Moshe, CEO, Biond Biologics

Giovanni Abbadessa, MD, PhD, VP, Head, Oncology Early Development, Sanofi Genzyme,
New modalities and platforms for next gen oncology

Noam Pilpel, CTO, Gilboa Therapeutics, SolidT: novel cell therapy platform designed to treat solid tumors
Ilana Mandel, Vice President R & D, Biond Biologics, Inspired – Expanding the Boundaries of Biologics – Intracellular Delivery of Biological Agents

Irit Carmi-Levy, General Manager and CSO, Aummune Tech

  1. Are commercial collaborations between the platform company and Pharma/other partners feasible in early development stages of the platform (e.g discovery, validation stages) before generation of a product?
  2. What are the validations required from a platform in the initial stages of development (scientific – toxicity, specificity, efficacy… commercial – publications, collaborations…)?

Ru Walker, Vice President, Oncology Global Medical Affairs, Regeneron
The next frontier of targets 

Yaron Pereg, CEO, KAHR Medical

Pini Tsukerman, PhD, CSO, Nectin Tx, Pushing the Boundaries of Cancer Immunotherapy with Novel Approaches

Yanay Ofran, PhD,Founder and CEO, Biolojic Design

Anat Cohen Dayag, PhD, President and CEO, Compugen

  1. Are there still targets out there that weren’t identified yet and what approaches should we apply to identify them?
  2. Are we looking at targets that will only work in combinations with approved therapies or is there still potential for monotherapy?

Moderator: Dvir Cohen, CEO and President, Momentis Surgical

Dvir Cohen, CEO, Momentis Surgical

Eric Tansky, Managing Director, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., Lessons learned, tips and tricks – IPO and fund raising for surgical robotics

Joe Mullings, Chairman & CEO, The Mullings Group Companies, Build, Teach & Inspire 

Michael Conditt, SVP Strategic Marketing and Clinical Development, Momentis Surgical, The Application of Digital Surgery in Robotics 


Eyal Morag, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Microbot Medical

Chen Levin, CEO, RECMA Bio Robotics 

Noam Hassidov, CEO, Tamar Robotics 

Kira Radinsky, CEO & CTO, Diagnostic Robotics 

Benny Greenburg, CEO, Magnisity

Stavit Cohen, VP R&D, Momentis Surgical 

All speakers & Prof. Moshe Shoham

Moderators: Prof. Anat Loewenstein, Sidney Fox Chair in Ophthalmology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, President, Israeli Ophthalmological Society, and Barak Azmon, MD, Director, Presby

Andrew Webb, CCO, Belkin Vision 

Limor Kuznits, VP Clinical Affairs & Development, EyeYon Medical

Almog Aley-Raz, Co-founder, CEO, VP of Research & Development, CorNeat Vision

Kester Nahen, PhD, CEO, Notal Vision

Ron Schneider, CEO, Beyeonics

Elad Kedar, CEO, Orasis

Ran Yam, CEO, NovaSight, Using Netflix and Youtube to treat children’s vision

Marc Abitbol, PhD, CEO, Visionix


Delphine Pagano, Managing Director, Bayer Israel
Marc Abitbol, PhD, CEO, Visionix, A View of an Israeli Entrepreneur Building a Global Ophthalmic Company – Visionix
Gilad Glick, Vice President Med Tech, Growth Stage Executive, Johnson & Johnson
Kester Nahen, CEO, Notal Vision

Leaders: Kelliann Payne, Partner, and Michael Heyl, Partner, Hogan Lovells US LLP
Premarket and Postmarket Updates focused on Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) in both the US and Europe.  With a focus on case studies of SaMD. From an FDA perspective, the Panel will discuss New Guidance Documents, including Clinical Decision Support and Predetermined Change Control Plans Guidance.  From a European perspective, the Panel will focus on classification and regulation of medical device software in the EU and recent developments.  Current Privacy trends and topics related to SaMD will be addressed for both jurisdictions.

THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2023

Prof. Dorit Aharonov, Quantum Information Science Center, Hebrew University, Quantum technology and its potential impact on the biological sciences

Abraham Accords Healthcare Collaboration and Innovation
Discussion lead by: Susan K. Finston, JD/MPP Senior Advisor, Princeton Capital Advisors President, Finston Consulting LLC

Yves Lussier, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics, University of Utah School of Medicine, Transformative opportunities for healthcare arising from ChatGPT-like conversational AIs

Ran Shaul, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, K Health, Chief Product Officer, Hydrogen Health

Ronen Lavi, Co-Founder & CEO, Navina
Daniella Gilboa, Co-Founder & CEO, AIVF
Uri Bettesh, Founder & CEO, Datos Health,

Amnon Bar Lev, Co-Founder & CEO, Alike Health
Ziv Ofek, Founder & CEO, MDClone
Tal Shapsa Heiman, CEO, Epilog, Data-Driven Compassion: Using Technology to Provide Palliative Care and Support for Patients with Life-Threatening Illnesses

Moderator: Tammy Meiron, PhD, CTO, Fresh Start food tech incubator

Lolita Bazarova, MD, Nestle Research, Innovation Manager, R&D Accelerator, Nestle Research
The perspective of a leading Food company with respect to personalized

Prof. Sigal Sadetzki, MD, MPH, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Former
Head of Public Health Services the Israeli Ministry of Health
The role of personalized nutrition in health promotion and primary prevention of diseases – an
epidemiological perspective

Rachel Yarkony,  Founder & CEO, My Air
Prof. Eyal Schwartzberg, Founder & CSO, Apowiser
Omer Porat, PhD, Founder & CSO, Nutaria, Targeted Delivery of Nutritional Supplements and Functional Food to Improve Brain and Cognitive Health – a Novel Approach to an Old Problem
Didi Daboush, Founder & CEO, My Biotics
Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin, Founder & CEO, Maolac, The next generation of computational biology and the Use of AI to Realize the Potential of these tools in the bio-foodtech worlds
Netta Granot, Co-Founder & CEO, Exosomm, Bioactive Food Ingredients with Natural miRNAs to Treat Chronic Diseases

Moderator: Aviv Shoher, Managing Partner, IMed Capital

Steven Cohen, MD; Executive Director, Search & Evaluation, Global Business Development, Daiichi Sankyo,
New Pharma-Academic collaborations for Advancing Drug Discovery

Katya Smirnyagina, PhD, Senior Partner, Life Sciences, Oxford Science Enterprises
Science and Capital Come Together

Ori Cohen ; CEO, Pheno.AI
Prof. Dafna Ben-Bashat, PhD; Deputy Director, Sagol Brain Inst., TASMC (Ichilov)
Amir Beker, PhD, CEO, Identifai
Identifai – next-gen prenatal screening
Fatima Al Kaabi, MD, Director of AD-BMT Program, ADSCC, Executive Director of Emirates Genome and Health Affairs (ADEO)
Liat Arad, Colonel (Ret.); Former Head of Cyber at 8200, current Head of Data Sciences at TASMC (Ichilov)
Yaron Cherny; CEO, SignaLife
Amit (Amy) Meitus, MD; Chief Product Officer, Scopio Labs
Prof. Yuval Tabach, Dept. of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research, Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University
UnI – deep genomic science

Moderators: Iris Grossman, PhD, Chief Therapeutics Officer, Eleven Therapeutic and Yael Gruenbaum-Cohen, PhD, DMD, Venture Partner, aMoon

Arthur A. Levin, PhD, Distinguished Scientist and Strategic Leader, Founding Scientist and Board Member, Avidity BiosciencesRecent Advances in Extrahepatic Delivery of Oligonucleotides using Antibody Oligonucleotide Conjugates: Building on Lessons Learned

Heinrich Haas, PhD, Vice President RNA Formulation & Drug Delivery, BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals

Prof. Dan Peer, Vice President for Research and Development, Tel Aviv University; co-founder at NeoVac, RiboX Therapeutics, and Geneditor Biologic
Prof. Avi Schroeder, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Adjunct Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Technion; co-founder at Mana.Bio, PEEL Tx, and Barcode Nanotech
Prof. Rotem Karni, Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School; Co-founder of RNAble TXSKIP Therapeutics and Andlit Therapeutics
Prof. Igor Ulitsky, Associate Professor, Department of Immunology and Regenerative Biology and Head of the Abisch-Frenkel RNA Therapeutics CenterWeizmann Institute of Science
Gili Hart, PhD, CEO, SpliSense
Joel Van Gelder, PhD, CIO, Aposense, Novel Extrahepatic Delivery Platform for Macromolecules
Iris Grossman, PhD, CTxO, Eleven Therapeutics 

Moderated by Yael Gruenbaum-Cohen, PhD, DMD, Venture Partner, aMoon 

Moderators: Shy Zyman, MBA, Partner, Cukierman & Co and Laurent Choppe, PhD, MBA, Managing Partner, Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences

Ofer Barshem, Co-founder & CEO, Cell Lipo, Stem Cells – Freshly Harvested SVF for Immediate Regenerative Treatment

David Aviezer, Chairman of the Board, Kamari

Keren David Zarbiv, VP Clinical Affairs, MediWound

Alon Bloomenfeld, CEO, Raziel Therapeutics

Naftali Primor, PhD,  VP R&D, Shulov Innovative Science (SIS), 3-in-1 Topical Therapeutics

Moderators: Dr Laurent Choppe and Shy Zyman  from Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences
Panelists: Dr Shimon Eckhouse, Shlomo Assa, Dr Ziv Karni, Tuvya Klughaupt

Helen Fang, CEO, Acclaro
Saar Wollach, CEO, Cherry Imaging
Oren Ne’eman, CEO, Hairstetics, A Medical Aesthetic solution for Female Androgenetic Alopecia in Less than 30 Minutes

Reuven Gamliel, CEO, Kolorpen
Alon Shacham, CEO, Laser Team Medical

Daphna Murvitz, LLB, Co-founder and CEO, The 8400 Health Network 
Ohad Goldberg, President, Astrazeneca Israel 

Efrat Shefer, PhD, Former President of Philips IL 
Giovanni Abbadessa, MD, PhD, VP, Head, Oncology Early Development, Sanofi Genzyme 
Tehila Ben Moshe, CEO, Biond Biologics 
Guy Hadari, SVP, CIO, Biogen 

 The 8400 Network Members + Ecosystem leaders