TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2024

Ruti Alon, Founder and CEO, Medstrada
Ora Dar, PhD, Senior Expert, Medical Sciences and Health Innovation
Dr. Nissim Darvish, MD, PhD, Managing General Partner, Eliraz Ventures

Dr. Anula Jayasuriya, MD, PhD, Partner, Kidron Capital Assets

Aharon (Ronny) Gal, PhD, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Member of the Executive Committee, Novartis

Gil Bar-Nahum, PhD, Managing Director, Jefferies International

Moderators: Dr. David Israeli, MD, Chairman & CEO, Magenta Medical
Amir Gross, Co-Founder & CEO, Cardiovalve


Doron Harlev, Co-Founder & CEO, Affera

Beni Surpin, Partner,  Goodwin Procter LLP. “The Secret Recipe to Mega Success in the Cardiovascular MedTech Space – From a Legal Perspective”

Dr. David Israeli, MD, Chairman & CEO, Magenta Medical, “Magenta Elevate: High Output, Low French Size Percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support” 

Ronen Eckhouse, CEO, Rapid Medical Ltd. “Rapid Medical is Expanding What’s Possible in Stroke Treatment”

Amir Danino, Founder & CEO, Innoventric, “Innoventric Heterotopic Cross-Caval Portfolio”

Dr. David Meerkin, MD, CMO, Valcare, Althea Medical, “The Friendly Giant: Opportunities for Althea Medical’s Pulmonary Embolectomy Solutions”

Boaz Manash, CEO, Cardiac Success, ” Vsling: Transcatheter Ventricular Repair Device for Heart Failure Patients”

Prof. Haim Danenberg, MD, CMO, Append Medical, “Next generation for LAA exclusion”

Eyal Baror, CEO, Innovalve, “Innovalve TWIST Technology:A Novel Approach to TranscatheterMitral Valve Replacement Challenges”

Moderator: Tehila Ben Moshe, PhD, Founder, CEO & Chairman, Biond Biologics

Prof. Ido Amit, Department of Immunology, Weizman Institute of Science, “The power of ONE: Immunology in the age of spatial and single cell genomics”

Michael A. Margolis, Head of Healthcare Life Sciences, Co-Head of Health, Oppenheimer, “Current trends & what’s hot in the Cancer Therapeutics space from a capital markets and M&A perspective”

Irit Carmi-Levy, General Manager & CSO, Aummune Tech, “A new class of individualized immunotherapy to treat solid tumors”

Pini Tsukerman, CSO, Nectin TX, “Pushing the Boundaries of Cancer Immunotherapy with Novel Targets, and Therapeutic Approaches”

Yaron Pereg, CEO, KAHR Medical Ltd, “DSP107 – Combining Innate and Adaptive Immunity to Enhance Efficacy in Solid and Hematological Malignancies”

Motti Hakim, PhD, VP R&D, Biond Biologics, “BND-67 a new approach for targeting CD28”

Peleg Rider, PhD, Co-Founder  & VP of Immunology, Gilboa Therapeutics, “SolidT, a platform technology for targeting solid tumors with safer and more “

Prof. Amnon Peled, CSO, AlonBio, “Targeting migration, survival and immune response pathways in cancer”

Sigal Kalmanson Cusnir, CEO, Starget Pharma, “Peptide Radioligand Therapy, The New Wave of Cancer Warheads” 

Prof. Inna Slutsky, MD,  Chair, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Keynote: Prof.  Iris Barshack, MD, Head of Pathology Institute, Chair of the Israeli Association of Pathologists,  Sheba Medical Center

Boaz Brill, PhD, Pentaomix, Co-Founder &CEO, “Multiplex Imaging for Better Cancer Diagnosis“

Danit Oz Levi, PhD, Head of Scientific & Clinical Affairs,Imagene, “How can Immediate Oncology Intelligence Guide Patients’ Optimal Cancer Treatment?”

Issar Yazbin, VP Product Manager, Ibex Medical Analytics, “Impacting Patient Outcomes with Trusted Cancer Diagnostics”

Dr. Amy Meitus, MD, Scopio Labs, “Revolutionizing first line hematology testing with Full Field technology”

Gabe Siegel, Founder & CEO, Augmentiqs, “What’s slowing down digital pathology? ” 

Tuvik Beker, PhD, Pangea Biomed, “”Inferring gene expression from slide images can be used to predict treatment outcomes”

Dr. Michele Bentata, MD, SVP, Pharma Business Development, Owkin, “Digital Biomarkers & Digital Pathology:New tools to enhance therapy”

Moderators: Yael Gruenbaum Cohen, DMD, PhD, Venture Partner & Head, aMoon Velocity & aMoon Alpha
Prof. Yaniv Erlich, CEO & Co-Founder, Eleven Therapeutics

Nir Skalka, PhD, CSO, Circuit Bio, “Cancer immunotherapy using highly selective gene circuits”

Ram Waisbourd, CEO, Trojan Cells, “Trojan Cells : A New Cell Therapy Modality for Targeted Production of Therapeutics in a Disease Microenvironment”

Yogev Debbi, CEO, Mana.bio, “Utilizing Machine Learning Approach to Unlock Extra-Hepatic Delivery of Lipids Nanoparticles”

Efrat Ozeri Galai, PhD, VP Research , SpliSense, “SpliSense – RNA Based Platform for Pulmonary Diseases”

Roee Farber, PhD, CEO, ZipBio, “ZipBio: Compressing biology to develop the next generation of gene therapies”

Prof. Yuval Tabach, Co-Founder, Professor, The Deep Genomic Laboratory, Hebrew University medical school, Department of Developmental Biology & Cancer Research, ” Leverage the greatest R&D engine ever created to deliver novel precision Oncology”

Yair Benita, PhD, CTO, AION Labs, “AION Labs: a venture studio where tech meets bio”

Moderator: Prof. Varda Shalev, MD, MPA, Managing Partner, Team8 Health

Keynote: Dr. Josef Coresh, MD, PhD, Founding Director, Optimal Aging Institute, Professor of Population Health and Medicine, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, ” Vascular health: A proven target and enormous opportunity for healthy aging”

This keynote will be a “fireside chat” format led by Prof. Varda Shalev, a family physician with over 30 years of experience. It will feature Prof. Naama Sabar-Ben Yehoshua, an inspiring 85-year-old advocate for healthier aging, and two of her children, Dr. Ron Sabar, founder and CMO of Sabar Health and Prof. Galia Sabar. They will discuss their perspectives on aging from both medical and personal viewpoints.

Rotem Bar-Or, PhD, Head, Academic Partnerships & IP, Neuralight

Rami Kirshblum, Co-Founder & CEO, Uniper Care

Sheli Bekel Sela, VP R&D, SensiAI

Eyal Lewin, CEO, NYX Technologies

Dr. Hilla Ben Pazi, MD, CEO, Avertto

Tal Shapsa Heiman, Co-Founder & CEO, Epilog

Daniel Tal Mor, Co-Founder & CEO, Lumen.me, “Lumen: Metabolism Tracker to help you optimize your metabolism, energy, and overall well aging.”


Dror Bin, Chief Executive Officer, Israel Innovation Authority

Richard Francis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, “Serving patients in Israel and around the World”

 Dr. Boaz Hirshberg, Senior Vice President, Clinical Sciences General Medicine, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Ofer Sharon, MD, CEO, OncoHost

Yaron Daniely, PhD, General Partner, aMoon

Stanley Lapidus, Inventor & Entrepreneur, Founding CEO, Cytyc Corp., ThinPrep & EXACT Sciences,  “Clinical trials for liquid biopsy”

Prof. Tomer Shlomi, MetaSight, “Population-scale molecular diagnostics”

Michal Mark Danieli, PhD, Founder & CEO, Early Labs, “When AI meets AI (Animal Intelligence) – A Urine Test for Early Detection of Lung Cancer”. 

Dr. Aharona Shuali, MD, VP Medical, Nucleix, “Bringing liquid biopsy to early detection of cancer-Nucleix’ journey” 

Inbal Zafir-Lavie, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, NEVIA

Dr. Ofer Sharon, MD, CEO, OncoHost, “The PROphet Liquid Biopsy Platform”

Vered Bar, PhD, VP R&D, CureResponse Tech, “Optimizing Anticancer Treatment Management with a Functional Patient Derived Explants (PDE) Assay”

Olga Nissan, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Protica Bio,  “Predicting Cancer Immunotherapy Response with AI-Enhanced Proteomics”

Moderators: Gilad Glick, VP, JJDC Medtech, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Fund

Eyal Lifschitz, General Partner & Co-Founder, Peregrine Ventures

Dr Mitchell S. Steiner “Mitch” Chairman, President, CEO, Veru Inc.

Jon Salveson, Vice Chair, Piper Sandler

Ronen Segal, CTO, AlphaTau Medical, “Medtech is Accelerating _ Trends and Focus Area”

Benny Dilmoney, CEO & Founder, Magneto Thrombectomy Solutions, “The Magneto eTrieve Technology: A System for Mechanical-Electric Thrombectomy” 

Illan Uchitel, CEO & Co-Founder, CAPS Medical, “Revolution in Oncology : Transforming Minimally Invasive Treatments for Solid Tumors”

Ron Aginsky, Co-Founder & President, FUSMobile

Yuval Mandelbaum, CEO, Discure Technologies 

Hadar Levy, CEO, BrainsWay, “Do we Know Enough About BrainsWay transform for future growth?” 

Arik Ben Ishay, CEO, BioBeat 


Anat Cohen Dayag, PhD, President & CEO, Compugen

Dan Goldstaub, PhD, Scientific Co-Founder, Phase V

Dr. Eric A. Hughes, MD, PhD, Executive Vice President, Global R&D & Chief Medical Officer, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Guy Hadari, PhD, SVP, Global CIO, Biogen


Eran Ophir, PhD, CSO, Compugen, 

“From Code to Cure: Compugen advances the next generation of cancer immunotherapy”

Raviv Pryluk, PhD, CEO, Phase V, “Adaptive Clinical Trials and Tools to Support Them”

Yael Villa, CTO, CytoReason,

” Managing your drug portfolio with an AI platform and computational disease model”

Tali Raveh-Sadka, PhD, VP of R&D,  Immunai, “Harnessing immunomics to improve therapeutic decision making”

Isaac Bentwich, CEO, Quris AI

Yanay Ofran, PhD, Founder & CEO, Biolojic Design, “AI-based design of functional therapeutic bodies”

Yochi Slonim, Co-Founder & CEO, Anima, “Has AI revolutionized drug discovery and clinical development” 

Tammi Meiron, PhD, Fresh Start FoodTech Incubator

Keynote: Prof. Uri Lesmes, Associate Professor,   Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Zohar Gavish, PhD, Founder & CEO, Gavish Research Services, “Getting Practical:
The Fate of Nutracueticals/Bioactives in Our Body – Histological Point of View”

Yochi Hagay, PhD, Co-Founder & CTO, Bio-Harvest Sciences

Zakhar (Zacki) Nudelman, PhD, Chief  Business Officer & Director of Scientific Affairs, 
SOLVEAT, “Food as Medicine: The Industrial Frontier of Herbal Remedies”

Yael Kuperman, PhD, Co-Founder & CTO, ANeustart, “Feed your brain: is there a
place for a nutrient-based therapy for autism”

David Gordon, Strategic Advisor, MakeSense Digital Health,  “Accurate & truly automated
meal diaries: breaking the glass ceiling of all diets”



Dr. Boaz Hirshberg, MD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Sciences General Medicine, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Iris Grossman, PhD, CThO, Eleven Therapeutics

Iris Grossman, PhD, CThO, Eleven Therapeutics

Dr. Mitchell Steiner, M.D., F.A.C.S., Chairman, President, & Chief Executive Officer, Veru Inc, “Make GLP-1 weight loss drugs more effective and precise — get greater fat loss by preserving muscle mass and function”

Ram Weissbourd, ex-COO/CBO, 89Bio, “Dawn of a New Era in the Treatment of Fatty Liver Disease”

Prof. Yossi Tam, Professor, School of Pharmacy, Institute for Drug Research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, “From Disappointment to Triumph: Cannabinoids’ Resurgence in Metabolic Syndrome Treatment”

Panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Boaz Hirshberg, MD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Sciences General Medicine, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Adi Mor, PhD, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Chemomab, “Pioneering Innovative Treatments for Inflammatory-Fibrotic Diseases”

Kfir Umansky, PhD, Co-Founder, Head of R&D, Principal Investigator, Velakor, “Velakor- using lessons from neonatal cardiac regeneration to repair the broken heart”

Prof. Moshe Mittleman, CSO, Cannalean Biotechs, “Attacking World Enemy – Lowering Lipids”

Maya Cohn Adulamy, Executive Director, Innovation & Head of Israel, Valo, “Reimagining Cardiovascular drug discovery and clinical diagnostics with real-world Data”

Eran Blaugrund, PhD, VP R&D, Raziel Therapeutics, “A novel small molecule, RZL-012, for focal fat reduction”


Moderators: Avital Adler, PhD, Principal, aMoon Edge

Inbal Zafir Lavie, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, NEVIA


Dr. Anula Jayasuriya, MD, PhD, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Kidron Capital Assets, “Women’s health: from niche to WOW!”

Stanley Lapidus, Inventor & Entrepreneur, Board Chairman & Board Member, Founding CEO, Cytyc Corp., ThinPrep & EXACT Sciences, “Among the greatest triumphs in women’s health: The pap test and mammography”

Miriam Oron, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, DermAb.io, “Connecting the Dots: Skin Biomarkers, Women’s Physiology, and Autoimmune Diseases”

Shlomit Steinberg-Koch, CEO & Co-Founder, Predicta Med, “Autoimmunity – SaaS”

Gali Lerman, PhD, CSO, TAU – Colton Center for Autoimmunity

Manuela Vecsler, PhD, VP Clinical & Scientific Affairs, Ibex Medical Analytics, ” AI in Breast Cancer Diagnosis: from Machine Learning to LIVE Worldwide Clinical Use”

Hadas Ziso, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder,  EndoCure, “Robotic AI-powered high-resolution ultrasound imaging for superior endometriosis diagnosis and management”

Dr. David Shashar, MD, CEO & Co-Founder, PregnanTech, “PregnanTech: A game-changing device revolutionizing preterm birth prevention”

Daniella Gilboa, CEO & Co-Founder, AIVF

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2024

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, M.D., Director General, Sheba Medical Center


Aviv Zeevi, PhD, CFO, Israeli Innovation Authority

Panel A

From the pollen to the plant:

Biopharming and Integrated Technologies for Agriculture and the World of Health

Inbar Maymon Pomeranchik, CEO, AgChimedes

Prof. Oded Shoseyov, PI & Serial Entrepernuer, CollPlant

Dganit Vered, CEO, Smart Agro Fund

Michal Levi, PhD, Chief Scientist, Senior Deputy Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Eytan Schwartz, VP Global Strategy, BeeHero

Panel B

A computational tool for accelerated and smart development of biological technologies – shorten experiments and scan based on the composition of the genomes of non-chemical materials with similar performance. Is there a phase difference between the pharmaceutical world and agriculture?

David Zigdon, CEO, MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, “Infrastructure and research: working together”

Dotan Peleg, CEO, ProJini AgChemcompany, “ProJini AgChem”

Yuval Giladi, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, FreezeM

Sharon Shacham, Co-Founder & Managing Partner,  E44 Ventures, Founder at Karyopharm Therapeutics  | Board Member | Climate Tech 


Ittai Harel, Managing Partner, Pitango Venture Capital

Amir Dan Rubin – CEO & Founding Managing Partner, ex One Medical CEO, Healthier Capital

Udi Goori, General Manager, Carelon Digital Platforms Israel, “The Health Plan Paradigm Shift: Enabling Proactive Healthcare”


Moran Snir, CEO &

Daniella Gilboa, Ceo & Co- Founder, AIVF

Ronen Lavi, Co-Founder, Navina AI, “Innovating healthcare delivery: Unlocking success in bringing AI to the clinical workflow”

Dedi Gilad, Co-Founder, TytoCare

Yoni Shtein, Co-Founder, Laguna, “Conversational AI in Healthcare” 

Alon Joffe, Co-Founder, Elios

Gal Salomon, Chairman of the board, Clew Medical


Avner Halperin,  CEO, Sheba Medical Center

Dr. David M. Levine, MD,MPH, MA, Practicing General Internist & Clinician-investigator, Brigham Health & Harvard Medical School

Dr. Avi (Abraham) Tzur, MD, Senior Physician, Maternal & Fetal Medicine Department, Head Center for Innovation in Women’s Health, Sheba Medical Center-Tel Ha Shomer Hospital


Roni Attali, PhD, CEO, AISAP, “Empowering physicians with AI at the-point-of-care”

Ziv Peremen, PhD, CEO, Xtrodes, “Unleashing the full potential of Electrophisiological home monitoring”

Mira Altmark-Sofer, Vice President Marketing, Pulsenmore

Tomer Epstein, Director, Strategic Partnerships,  Biobeat, “Transforming mental health treatment with data from deep in the brain”

Avner Rouach, Founding Partner & CEO, CatAI

Tal Or, Co-Founder, ATLASense Biomed Ltd, “REPHAEL – From Reactive to Proactive for better preventive”

The promise and challenge of bringing medical technology products with Artificial Intelligence to market


Nathalie Bloch, MD, 8400 Network Member, BioConvergence Committee Member


Michal Tsur, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Remepy, “Driving Medical Outcomes Through Hybrid Mechanisms of Action”

Keynote: Prof. Peter Peumans, CTO Health Technologies, imec, “The BioChip Opportunityimec Case Study ”  


Dr. Yishay Falick, MD, Director, HealthTech & Bioconvergence, Israeli Aerospace Industry (IAI), “BioConvergence Fueling Dual Use Technologies “

Prof. Ofra Benny, PhD, Professor in Pharmaceutical  Sciences, Harry W. and Charlotte Ullman Labov Chair in Cancer Studies, Director, Fraunhofer Innovation Platform (FIP_DD@HUJI), Institute for Drug Research, The School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine  |  Ein Karem Campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, CSO-Pre-Cure, CTO-Emris Pharma, CSO- Orsight  Pharma, “From Tumor on a Chip to Patient on a Chip – Transforming Drug Development”


Orly Savion, PhD, Alagene , “The SynBio Opportunity” 

Rachela Popvotzer, PhD, Vice Dean & Head of the Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, Bar Ilan University 

Company Presenter:

Dror Baran, COO & Co-Founder, Enzymit, “Enzymit: The New Chemistry of Enzyme Design”

Chat: Irit Carmy Levy, General Manager and Chief Scientific Officer,  Aummune Ltd, “The OrganoSphere Opportunity”

OrganoSphere Consortium

Eran Seger, Co-Founder & CEO, Protai, “Proteomics & AI drug discovery and development”

Company Presenter: 

Oren Caspi, PhD, Director of the Heart Failure Unit, Head of Rambam’s Cardiovascular Research and Innovation Center

Prof. Yael Haberman, MD, Associate Professor, Physician-Scientist & Head of Microbiome Center, Sheba Medical Center, “Mini-Gut” Organoids – Determining Causality & New Treatments”

Dr. Naomi Podeh Shakked, MD, PhD, Pediatric Nephrologist, Principal Investigator,  Sourasky Medical Center,   “Leveraging Human-Based Organoid Models to Decipher Disorders of Kidney Development”


Limor Sandach, Healthcare Entrepreneur, Ex-CEO, AV Medical Technologies

Chen Ben-Dori, Co-Founder & CEO, OffRa Health

Dr. Tali Ilovitsh, Principal Investigator, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Amir Minerbi, MD, PhD, Deputy Director,  Rambam Institute for Pain Medicine

Closing: Shomrat Shurtz, Senior Director, Deputy Head of Growth Division, Lead of Health Tech Sector, Israel Innovation Authority 


Panel Leader- Limor Sandach, Venture Advisor, Ex-CEO, AV Medical Technologies

Chen Ben-Dori, CEO, OffRa Health

Tali Ilovitsh, PhD, Principal Investigator, TAU

Amir Minervi, PhD, Deputy Director,  Rambam Institute for Pain Medicine


Shomrat Shurtz, Senior Director, Deputy Head of Growth Division, Lead of Health Tech Sector, Israel Innovation Authority 


Ruti Alon, CEO, Medstrada

Dr. Barak Azmon, MD, Founder, Journey1 

Company Presenter: 

Michael Kardosh, COO, Bionaut Labs, “Bionaut Labs – Revolutionizing Drug Delivery to the Brain”

Boaz Shlevin, Chief Product Officer, Pheno.AI, “We generate, organize, analyze and make accessible the world’s deepest-phenotype multi-omics datasets”

Prof. Ofra Benny, PhD, Professor in Pharmaceutical  Sciences, Harry W. and Charlotte Ullman Labov Chair in Cancer Studies, Director, Fraunhofer Innovation Platform (FIP_DD@HUJI), Institute for Drug Research, The School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine  |  Ein Karem Campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ” CultivO2 – Tissue Engineering in a green playground”

Haim Belinson, CEO, Bsense Bio Therapeutics, “Dual Ion channel Modulation, a Novel Mechanism for Treatment of Pain”

Prof. Yael Mardor, Chief Scientist, the Advanced Technology Center, Sheba Medical Center, “Portus –  pulsed electrical fields to disrupt the blood-brain barrier”

Rachel Diamant, CEO, Cellergy, “Energizing cells: the future of mitochondrial medicine”

Almog Aley Raz, Co-Founder, CEO & VP R&D, CorNeat Vision

Dr. David Smadja, Co-Founder & CMO, Nano Drops

Ravit Netzer, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Scala Biodesign, “Powering Therapeutics with Computational Protein Design”

Prof. Dror Harats, MD, CEO, ImmuneWalk Therapeutics, “New biology translated to innovative therapy”

Prof. Yonina Eldar, Professor, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Weizmann Institute, “The role of Radar technology in drug delivery & non-contact monitoring of vital signs”

Liron Rosenbaum, VP Strategy, Nova-Sight,

“TrackSight™ Software Based Myopia Prevention”