Satellite Events

Tuesday, 14 May 2019


Private Lunch Reception STC

“Why is 'legalese' the language of choice for US patents?”
Speaker: Dr. Dan Goldstein, Adv.

May 14, 2019
Hall D
Patent attorneys often take a simple description provided by an inventor, and convert it into a technical specification and patent claims that at first glance might seem almost unrecognizable.
Why don't patent attorneys just write it out in plain English?
To find out, join Dr. Dan Goldstein, Adv., on a short virtual trip from the first meeting where you disclose your invention, to the day you file your patent application, from the oral arguments with a patent examiner, to the day your patent sees the inside of a courtroom.
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The Annual Round Table for CEOs of Public Life Sciences Companies.

May 14, 2019
Room #3
* Entrance by Invitation Only.


Afternoon Cocktail Merck Inter-Lab Ltd

“The ABCs of ADCs: Antibody-drug conjugates in oncology.”

Presented by Dr. Jan Anderl,
Head of ADC & Targeted NBE Therapeutics Biopharma | Research & Development – Discovery Technologies at Merck

May 14, 2019
Hall D
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Gala Event MIXiii-Biomed 2019

May 14, 2019
Pool Area
* All conference participants are invited.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


J&J Breakfast Reception

May 15, 2019
Hall D
* Private event. Entrance by Invitation Only.

Hogan Lovells Logo transparent

Hogan Lovells Private Lunch Reception

Our Speakers:
Jonathan Kahan, Partner, FDA Regulatory
John J. Smith, M.D., J.D., Partner, FDA Regulatory
Stuart Langbein, Partner, Coverage & Reimbursement for medical technologies
May 15, 2019
Hall D
* Entrance by Invitation Only.
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Happy Hour(s) with British Embassy Israel

May 15, 2019
Booth #39
* No Invitation required.


Seminar organized by Israel Innovation Authority

15:30-16:00 Session 1: How does the Israel Innovation Authority act to advance the healthtech industry in Israel?
Speaker: Anya Eldan, VP, Startup Division, Israel Innovation Authority
Dr. Itai Kela, Head of Healthtech Sector, Israel Innovation Authority
16:00-16:45 Session 2: Government activities advancing the healthtech ecosystem in Israel?

Panel participants:
Coordinator - Dr. Itai Kela, Head of Healthtech Secor, Israel Innovation Authority; Healthtech is Shifting to "Bio-convergent Ecosystem"
Mr. Nahum Itzkovitz, Director General, Chairman of Investment Committees, Ministry of Economy and Industry
Mr. Morris Dorfman, Head of Division, Regulation, Information Systems & Digital Health, Ministry of Health
Mr. Nir Yanovsky, Initiative Manager, Digital Health as a Growth Engine, Digital Israel, Ministry of Social Equality
Mr. Aviad Tamir, Head of Lifesciences & Heathcare, Investment Israel, Ministry of Economy and Industry
Shomrat Shurtz, Sr. Director Business Development, Israel Innovation Authority

May 15, 2019
Hall D