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Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) is Israel’s umbrella organization for the life science and high-tech industries. With about 700 members, our mission is to strengthen the Israeli life science and high tech industries across the whole value chain. IATI represents every level and aspect of the industry: R&D centers of multi-national companies, local and international venture capital funds, entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators, accelerators, private investors, tech transfer companies and service providers. It co-operates with all the different sectors, in order to promote and advance the Israeli eco system.

IATI adds value for its members by offering:

* Access to Israel’s most comprehensive Life Science company data-base.

· A platform for meeting, networking and collaborating – for companies from different sectors and levels.

· Serving as the voice of the industry through direct contact with government ministries and agencies.

· Opportunities to learn from successful individuals and gain access to R&D, marketing, financial service providers, the world’s top tier venture capital funds through over 200 events each year.

· New and exciting connections between Israeli companies and foreign organizations.

IATI is the co-organizer of the IATI-Biomed Israel Conference and Exhibition, the leading and most important annual Life Science event in Israel, taking place annually for over a decade and a half now.

For details on IATI membership click here. For more information about IATI visit www.iati.co.il or contact us here.