Dr. Stephen E. Yoder is among the speakers at the “Gene Editing and Gene Therapy” track, at the IATI-Biomed conference, May 24-26, Tel Aviv.

Stephen E. Yoder, MD, Head of Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Search & Evaluation, Business Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb


 Gene editing, the site specific manipulation of the genome, is opening up new horizons for gene therapy. With increased safety and ease of use, new technologies are enabling us to cut the DNA in any given site and with great precision, and replace it with a DNA sequence of choice. This will enable us to repair defective genes in genetic diseases, change DNA sequences and biological traits. However, many challenges still remain, including optimizing modes of delivery, increasing efficiency, and assessing off-target effects and immune consequences. Join us at the “Gene Editing and Gene Therapy” track, on May 26, where we will relate to CRISPR and other gene editing platforms and discuss the promises and challenges in the fields of gene therapy and gene editing with leaders from academia and the industry as well as with innovative startups.