Come hear Dr. Miro Venturi, at the IATI-Biomed conference, May 24-26, Tel Aviv, on

“The importance of diagnostics and molecular information in the patient’s journey: realizing the promise of personalized healthcare”.

Miro Venturi, PhD, Global Head Diagnostics

Biomarkers, Hoffmann-la Roche



The challenge of providing sustainable and effective healthcare to a growing and aging population is driving the emergence of personalized diagnostics and precision medicine. The vision is that treatment tailored to an individual’s characteristics – based on genetic and other molecular analyses – will result in improved outcomes, both medically and economically. Are we entering an era of customized and preventive medicine in which each person’s genome sequence will be an attachment to their medical record? How should we measure the true value of personalized diagnostics? Join us at the “Personalized Diagnostics and Precision Medicine” track, on May 25, where we will discuss the latest diagnostic developments and trends with global and local industry leaders.