Biomed Israel 2022: The 20th National Life Science & Technology Week • May 10-12, 2022 | David InterContinental • Tel Aviv, Israel

Meet the Speakers

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Conference Co-Chairpersons

Ruti Alon

Founder & CEO, Medstrada

Ora Dar, PhD

Senior Expert, Medical Sciences & Health Innovation

Nissim Darvish, MD, PhD

Managing General Partner, MeOHR Ventures

Plenary Speakers

Gil Bar-Nahum, PhD

Managing Director, Jefferies International

Sandra Morgan

Board Director and Advisor, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology

Mikael Dolsten, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer & President, Worldwide Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer

Robert C. Cohen, MS

President, Digital, Robotics, and Enabling Technology, Stryker

Dror Bin

CEO, Israel Innovation Authority

Janneke van Der Kamp

Head Region Europe, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

John D Halamka, MD, MS

President, Mayo Clinic Platform

Robert Langer, DSc

Institute Professor, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering

Amy W. Schulman

Managing Partner, Polaris Partners

Alban de la Sabliere

SVP, Head of Sanofi Partnering, Sanofi, France

Ehud Rivlin, PhD

Israel Site Lead, Verily

Tal Zaks, MD, PhD

Venture Partner, OrbiMed

Cell, Gene and Nucleic Acids Therapies – The Next Frontier in Human Health

Erez Chimovits

Track Chairperson

Orbimed Partner, Private Equity

Rami Skaliter, PhD

Track Chairperson

CEO, Cell Cure Neurosciences 

Sumant Ramachandra, MD, PhD

Keynote Speaker

President and CEO, Immpact Bio

Chen Schor

Keynote Speaker

President & CEO, Adicet Bio

Noam Pilpel, PhD

CTO, Gilboa Therapeutics

Zhen Li, PhD

Keynote Speaker

President & CEO, ADARx Pharmaceuticals

Gili Hart, PhD

CEO, Splisense

Adel Nada, MD

Keynote Speaker

Co-founder and CEO, GentiBio

David Baram, PhD

Keynote Speaker

President & CEO, Emendo Biotherapeutics

Michal Golan Mashiach, PhD

Founder and CEO, EdiTy Therapeutics

Yona Geffen, PhD

VP, R&D, Gamida Cell

Noam Diamant, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, Noga Therapeutics

Adi Elkeles, PhD

Founder and CEO, Trobix Bio

Medical Device – Breakthrough Technologies

Eyal Lifschitz

Track Chairperson

Co-founder and General Managing Partner, Peregrine Ventures

Daniel Goldstein, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Advocate and Patent Attorney, Sanford T. Colb & Co

Joseph (Joe) Smith, MD, PhD

Keynote Speaker

CSO, Becton Dickinson

Sandra Morgan

Keynote Speaker

Board Director and Advisor, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology

David Rigler

VP Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, Nano Retina

Idan Geva

CEO, Butterfly Medical

Amir Danino

Founder and CEO, Innoventric

Shlomit Chappel-Ram, PhD

VP, R&D, Digma Medical

Yotam Drechsler

CEO and Co-founder, BrainQ Technologies

Ronen Segal

CTO, Alpha Tau Medical

Avner Geva

Founder and CEO, Vensica Therapeutics

Benny Dilmoney

CEO, Magneto Thrombectomy Solutions

Gilad Marom

CEO, Restore Medical

Dvir Cohen

CEO and President, Memic Innovative Surgery

Ronen Eckhouse

Co-founder and CEO, Rapid Medical

Bio Food – New Era of Food Technologies; Its Impact on Nutrition and Health

Tammy Meiron, PhD

Track Chairperson

CTO, Fresh Start FoodTech Incubator

Valerio Nanninni

Keynote Speaker

General Manager, Novozymes Advanced Proteins Solutions

Matthew Robin

Keynote Speaker

CEO, Mifloma Group-at Migros Industries

Prof. Yaakov Nahmais, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Founder and President, Future Meat Technologies

Prof. Eldad Tzahor, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Co-founder and scientific advisor, Profuse Tech

Miriam Guggenheim

Keynote Speaker

Co-Chair and Partner, Covington’s Israel International Initiative

Ilan Samish, PhD

Founder and CEO, Amai Proteins

Tal Lutzky

Co-founder and CEO, Pigmentum

Neta Lavon, PhD

CTO , Aleph Farm

Orna Harel, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, Sea 2 Cell

Tsipi Shoham, PhD

CEO and Co-founder, GreenOnyx

Iftach Nachman, PhD

Co-founder and Scientific Advisor , Forsea

Fabian Trumper

Co-founder and CEO, Bountica

AI and Machine Learning – Transforming Treatment, Drug Discovery and Development

Yair Benita, PhD

Track Chairperson


James Weatherall, PhD

Keynote Speaker

VP, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, R&D, AztraZeneca

Eran Harary, MD

Keynote speaker

Global Head, Specialty R&D, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Jason Johnson, PhD

Keynote speaker

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, SVP, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

David Berry, MD, PhD

Keynote speaker

Founder, CEO and General Partner at Flagship Pioneering, Valo Health

Shai Shen-Orr, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Scientist , CytoReason

Micah Pearlman

CEO, Biolojic

Ranit Aharonov, PhD

CTO, Pangea Biomed

Anat Binur, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, UKKO

Noam Solomon, PhD

CEO, Immunai

Isaac Bentwich, MD

Founder and CEO, Quris Technologies

Nadav Askari, PhD

CTO, Genetika+

Current and Future Role of Robotics in the Medical Field

Dvir Cohen

Track Chairperson

CEO and President, Memic Innovative Surgery

Prof. Alexandre Mottrie, PhD, MD

Keynote Speaker

CEO, Orsi Academy

Maurice R. Ferre, MD

Keynote Speaker

Michael Kasser, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Seong Ryong Kang, PhD

Keynote Speaker

CEO, Korea-Israel industrial R&D foundation (KORIL).

Hadar Zax

Keynote Speaker

Program Manager, Israel Asia-Pacific Divison

Gus Castello

Keynote Speaker

Michael Conditt, PhD

SVP, Strategic Marketing and Clinical Development, Memic Innovative Surgery

Tami Frenkel, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, Human Xtensions

Chen Levin

CEO, Xact Robotics

Noam Hassidov

CEO, Tamar Robotics

Gaddi Menahem

VP, Head of Intuitive Israel, Intuitive

Yosi Weitzman

Founder, COO/CTO, GM Israeli Site, Carevature Medical

Eyal Morag, MD

CMO, Microbot Medical

Lawrence Obstfeld

CEO, Image Navigation

Academia – Where is it Taking us? Science and Technology – Prediction and Anticipation

Keren Primor-Cohen

Track Chairperson

CEO, Ramot Tel Aviv University

Yuval Cabilly, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Israel Biotech Fund

Joel Bar-El

Keynote Speaker

Founder and Executive Chairman, Unicorn Trax

Prof. Jacob (Koby) Rubinstein, PhD

Keynote Speaker

VPR&D and Chairman, T3-Technion Technology

Aviv Zeevi, PhD

Keynote Speaker

VP, Head of Division, Israel Innovation Authority

Lior Shahory

Keynote Speaker

General Partner, Peregrine Ventures

Tamar Harel Adar, PhD

VP R&D, Matricelf

Yan Ostrovski, PhD

Co-founder and CEO, Neshima Medical

Pini Tsukerman, PhD

Co-founder and CSO, NectinTX Therapeutics

Prof. Ehud Gazit , PhD

Professor and Founding Director, Blavatnik Centre for Drug Discovery

Ophir Herbst

CEO, Sequentify

Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, PhD

Head and Director, Cancer Biology Research Center, Tel Aviv University

David Gabay

CO-founder, Chairman and CEO, Madrigal Mental Care

Bio Convergence - Engineering and Biotechnology Combined, Expanding to Other Verticals

Efi Cohen Arazi

Track Chairperson

CEO, TanoMed

Dror Bin

Keynote Speaker

CEO, Israel Innovation Authority

Daniel N. Weiss, MD

Medical Director, Enopace Biomedical

Aryeh Batt

CEO and Co-founder, Precise Bio

Ofri Vaisman

COO and General Manager, BlueWind Medical

Iris Alroy, PhD

CSO and Co-founder, Anima Biotech

Alon Meir, PhD

CSO, Seevix Material Sciences

Yuval Mandelbaum

CEO, Discure Technologies

Daphna Murvitz

Co-founder and CEO, 8400-The Health Network

Tzvika Hartman

SVP Computational, Biolojic Design

Aryeh Batt

CEO and Co-founder, Precise Bio

Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, PhD

Head and Director , Cancer Biology Research Center, Tel Aviv University

Digital Reconstruction of Healthcare

Anat Naschitz

Track Chairperson

Founder & CEO, 9xchange

Guy Spigelman

Keynote Speaker

EMEA Lead Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Elliot Menschik, MD, PhD

Keynote Speaker

CDO, Resilience

Avinatan Hassidim

Keynote Speaker

Head of Google Israel research group, Google Israel

Itai Gueta, MD

Keynote Speaker

Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Sheba-Tel Ha Shomer Hospital

Dedi Gilad

Keynote Speaker

CEO and Co-founder, TytoCare

Amnon Bar-Lev

Co-founder and CEO, Alike.Health

Kira Radinsky, PhD

Founder, CEO and CTO, Diagnostic Robotics

Amir Trabelsi

Co-founder and CEO, Genoox

Orr Inbar

Co-founder and CEO, QuantHealth

Israel (Srulik) Dvorsky

Co-founder and CEO, TailorMed

Eliran Malki

Co-founder and CEO, Belong.Life

Prof. Sam Shah, PhD

Chief Medical Strategy Officer, Numan

Chris Guiffre

CFO and COO, Pear Therapeutics

Transformative Precision Cancer Diagnostics and Therapies

Ofer Sharon, MD

Track Chairperson

CEO, OncoHost

Prof. Dror Harats, MD

Keynote Speaker

CEO, VBL Therapeutics

Reddy Prasanth, MD

Keynote Speaker

SVP, Global Enterprise Oncology Head, Covance/Labcorp Drug Development

Roni Mamluk, PhD

Founder and CEO, Ayala Pharma

Isaac Israel

CEO, Purple Biotech

Ilana Mandel, PhD

VP R&D, Biond Biologics

Eran Ophir, PhD

VP Research and Drug Discovery, Compugen

Ronen Eavri, PhD

CEO and Co-founder, Barcode Nanotech Next Generation Therapeutics

Avi Veidman

CEO and Co-founder, Nucleai

Vered Bar, PhD

VP R&D, Curesponse

Inbal Zafir-Lavie, PhD

CEO and Co-founder, Gina Life

Roi Feingersch, PhD


Assaf Halevy

Founder and CEO, 2bPrecise, Genomics and Precision Medicine

Infectious Diseases – Breaking Barriers in Vaccine Development, Therapy and Diagnosis Modalities

Dror Mevorach, MD

Track Chairperson

Head of Internal Medicine, Hadassah Hospital

Barry Greene 

Keynote Speaker

CEO, Sage Therapeutics

Jacob Strahilevitz, MD

Keynote Speaker

Head of Department, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Hadassah Medical center

Prof. Ronen Ben-Ami

Keynote Speaker

Head, Infectious Diseases Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Nadav Ben-Dov, PhD

CEO and Co-founder, phenofAST

Eynat Finkelshtein, PhD

CSO, Code Pharma

Moshik Cohen-Kutner, PhD

CEO, Omnix Medical

Jonathan Solomon

CEO and Board Member, Biomx

Nadav Kidron

CEO and Chairman of the Board, Oravax Medical

Einat Galamidi Cohen, MD

VP Medical, Enlivex Therapeutics

Ofer Chen, MD MPA

VP Clinical Development, Clew Medical

Yotam Levin, MD

CEO, NanoPass

Eddie Sadan

Co-founder, Terrapeutics

Tamar Ben-Yedida, PhD

CSO, BiondVax Pharmaceuticals